There are so many things to think about when it comes to warehouse safety products. Each business will have its own unique safety needs. No matter what your needs are, it’s a good idea to invest in safety products to avoid warehouse accidents.

We have more than 30 years of experience helping businesses find the right products to improve warehouse safety, so we’re happy to help you find the solution that works for you.

Guard Rails

When you’re working with heavy machinery or dangerous equipment, it’s important to clearly designate these areas and create a barrier to entry. You can do this a number of ways – it will depend on your workplace and your workflow.

Guard Rails are an ideal solution for many operations because you can work with your existing space without the hassle and expense of a big construction crew.

You can see this area is being sectioned off with a guard rail. This simple solution prevents collisions with machinery and makes it clear to employees to keep back.

Another popular option is wire mesh machine guarding. It provides a barrier to entry while also protecting machinery and inventory. This is a simple but effective solution that maximizes security in your workplace.

In addition to protecting your machinery, you also need to think about protecting your infrastructure from machinery. We offer several solutions for keeping your space safe.

Low profile rack guards are typically used at the end of a pallet rack aisle to keep the driver a safe distance from the rack. These rack guards are anchored to the ground and provide an effective barrier to the pallet rack.

High profile machinery guards are another solution for increasing safety in the warehouse. They are commonly used around pallet racks, building walls and plant doors.

The corners of your warehouse are one of the most susceptible areas to forklift damage. Triple elbow corner guards are designed with a 90 degree angle to prevent forklift damage to the corners of in-plant offices.

Bumper rails surround the base of the pallet rack to keep the forklift a safe distance from your rack system.

Guard Rails provide a visual barrier and act as a physical barrier to increase safety in the warehouse.


One of the biggest threats to safety in the warehouse is rack failure caused by a forklift. Protectors are essential to increasing warehouse safety because they provide support to the places that are most vulnerable to forklift damage.

Post protectors are used to protect the most vulnerable part of a pallet rack uprights – the lower 12″-24″ of the front column. This is the part of the upright that is most susceptible to damage by a forklift. Increase the longevity of your pallet rack system with post protectors.

It’s especially important to protect the ends of your aisles with end of aisle protectors because they are in the midst of heavily trafficked areas.

Column protectors provide extra stability to the columns that support your roof. If these columns are damaged, the result could be catastrophic. Column protectors are an investment in your operation and the future health of your building.

Column protectors keep your columns intact, and in turn keep your building intact!

Steel bollards help direct forklift traffic in the warehouse. These heavy duty steel pipes help to create a clear path or block access for forklift drivers.

We can’t stress enough the importance of taking preventative measures to protect your infrastructure, and in turn, your whole operation.

Pallet Rack Accessories

A huge part of safety is prevention. Many of our pallet rack accessories are meant to help prevent pallet rack damage that can lead to disastrous accidents.

Should you have any rack damage, it’s important to get it fixed right away to prevent further damage and injury. Time is not on your side when it comes to rack repair, so you should have rack repair kits on hand to immediately make repairs. Repairing a rack is better than switching out a frame, which can be costly and time consuming!

This damaged upright could have caused a serious rack collapse if it had not been repaired.

Flue space protectors help keep pallets in place. Not only does this help improve efficiency, it also improves safety. In addition to keeping pallets in place, flue space protectors create a flue space between the pallets that keeps the area well ventilated, which helps prevent fires. In the event of a fire, flue space protectors create space for sprinklers to reach the products within the racks. Flue space protectors are quickly becoming a must-have in warehouses.

Speaking of must-haves, pallet supports improve the overall safety of your rack because the supports distribute the weight of the load more evenly. This extra support keeps the strain off one particular part of your rack and prevents it from collapsing under too much weight.

When it comes to outfitting your rack, taking shortcuts will hurt you in the long run. Not only is wire decking more durable, it’s a much safer alternative than traditional wood decking because it’s non-flammable. The open design would allow sprinkler access in case of a fire. While we hope a fire would never happen, it’s important to prepare properly – in fact your insurance might depend on it!

You may need a heavy-duty wire decking option depending on what you store. Manufacturers who work with heavy dies and molds need heavy duty bar grate decking for their pallet racks. This heavy duty decking helps bear the weight of extremely heavy materials. You must be sure your racks are equipped to handle inventory! This is a time to seek professional help – you don’t want to guess!

Rack guards are wire panels that attach to back of your pallet rack and help keep everything in place. Rack guards keep your inventory from falling off racks and causing damage and injury. The rack back also protects your inventory from getting damaged.

You will not regret investing in a rack guard. Keep your inventory on the shelf and off the floor!

Another way to protect your inventory and your space is to use a pallet rack enclosure. The wire panels make it easy to see what you’re storing without sacrificing security. Pallet rack enclosures come with padlock lug for added security.

Safety Cabinets

If you need a high security solution for storing hazardous materials, safety cabinets are ideal for you. They not only have a very durable exterior, they can be locked to restrict access. If you work with hazardous materials – particularly flammable liquids – you know how important it is that they are stored properly.

Acid cabinets are specifically designed to secure acids and corrosive liquids. The finish on the cabinets provides protection against an attack or accident.

Chemical storage cabinets can help you have peace of mind in the workplace. They not only keep hazardous substances secure, they help keep your staff safe by containing the substances to a controlled area. The finish prevents corrosion, which helps prevent deterioration and leakage.

Storing paint and ink might not seem hazardous at first thought, but these are materials could be extremely dangerous in the event of a fire or if they spill. Paint and ink cabinets have double wall construction to provide extra protection against a fire.

Pesticides are extremely dangerous and flammable. Proper storage is essential for the safety of building and for everyone in your operation. Pesticide cabinets are made of fully welded 18-ga. galvanized steel.

You need a heavy duty storage solution when working with drums. Drum cabinets stand up to the job with double wall construction. Safely store up to a 55-gallon drum in a drum cabinet – that’s no small job!

When you’re storing gaseous cylinders and propane tanks, you have to meet OSHA and the Fire Marshall’s requirements. You need a storage solution that cylindrical, durable and efficient. The design of our Cylinder storage cabinets makes it easy quickly move tanks and secure them when not in use.

Wire Partitions and Cages

If you’re looking for a way to fully enclose a space, wire mesh partitions are a great solution. Not only do they help organize your area, they keep your floor clear of unsecured dangerous items. Visibility and safety go hand in hand. You need to be able to quickly identify what you’re working with or if anything is missing.

They have tons of applications, including driver access cages, mechanic & technician lockers and DEA cages just to name a few. No matter which application you use, wire partitions always provide security without sacrificing visibility.

Driver access cages can greatly increase the safety of your warehouse by restricting access to your building. They also provide a designated safe space for deliveries and paperwork. This helps keeps employees safe by keeping them out of the way of forklifts and racks.

Wire cages are used to protect servers, to store substances and equipment. They are even used as holding cells. They are made of heavy duty materials that provide security without sacrificing visibility.

Tool cribs are a simple but efficient way to improve the safety of your operation. Tool cribs provide a designated area for tools, which helps prevent accidents in the warehouse. Tool cribs help you quickly identify what is out and currently in use.

Wire partitions are some of the most versatile security products we offer.

Folding Gates

You can take a physical barrier to the next level with folding security gates. These have many applications but are commonly used at loading docks. Folding security gates are an excellent way to protect your operation from theft and intruders. The design provides a strong defense while also allowing visibility and circulation.

Dock gates are perfect for keeping your loading areas secure while allowing visibility, circulation and efficiency. This allows you to see exactly who is at the dock while still providing a barrier to entry. This design allows circulation, which might be ideal in a manufacturing setting.

Keep your loading dock secure with dock door gates.

Portable folding gates are ideal if your needs change frequently. This style comes on wheels, so you can quickly transform any space as needed. No space has to be without security with portable folding gates!

We carry several gate styles, so you can create a security solution that works for you.

We are committed to helping you maximize your safety in the warehouse. We carry dozens of safety products that will help you create a safe workplace for everyone. We’d be happy to work with you to discuss what products would be best for you. Give us a call at 1-800-763-9020 or visit us online at