Pallet Rack Repair Kits
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Pallet Rack Repair Kits

24″ high Standard Front Column Repair Kit. New. Standard Tear Drop Hole Punch. 3″ x 3″ Column with 1-5/8″ Backer. 4″ x 12″ x .315″ Foot Plate. Color: Green. PN. NDRC02400B3E0TDBG


NOTES: This rack repair kit is used to replace the lower 24″ portion of front column of teardrop upright frame only. This set of pallet rack parts doesn’t include a front deflector. LEAD TIME: In stock, allow est. 5-7 days to ship. Ships best way pre-paid & add. Freight Class 65. FOB: Chicago, IL 60160

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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Pallet Rack Repair Kits are always cheaper and stronger than switching out a frame!

Pallet rack damage must be addressed immediately because damaged rack could collapse at any moment and cause a deadly accident. Most rack damage is caused by forklifts and is found on the lower front column of the upright frame. Additional damage could also occur to the diagonal and horizontal bracing.

Warehouse Rack & Shelf offers warehouse rack repair solutions for all kinds of pallet rack damage. We offer you the largest inventory of pallet rack repair kits in the United States. We have over 5000 PCS of 3″ x 3″ Teardrop rack repair kits in stock, available for quick shipment, in sizes that range from 24″ – 84″ in height. We can provide nationwide installation services.

On average it requires about 4 hours of labor and $200.00 cost to replace 1 damaged upright the old fashion way. You have to unload rack, disassemble beams, replace damaged upright with a new upright, re-install and reload rack. Warehouse rack repair was a very time consuming and costly expense. If you have damaged uprights that need replacing, it only makes sense to use pallet rack repair kits.

Pallet rack repair kits are an economical and durable solution to fixing damaged pallet rack parts. With the use of pallet rack repair jacks the damaged portion of the upright can be removed and replaced in a matter of 10 minutes per location. Our warehouse rack repair parts leave uprights much stronger and more damage resistant.

We are able to provide installation on jobs with 25 or more damaged uprights. The factory likes to have on-site inspections to review your damaged pallet racks. If the job is large enough or if you are close enough we can visit the jobsite at no cost. If the quantity is small or you are located far from our facility the factory may request that you pay travel expenses, like flight and room cost, which would be refunded if you placed the order.

We have the largest variety of pallet rack repair kits in the industry. We can provide pallet rack repair parts for the following styles of pallet rack: Interlake Rack, Teardrop, Keystone, Unarco T-Bolt and Ridg-U-Rak slotted.

We offer the following pallet rack repair kits: standard duty rack repair kits, heavy duty rack repair kits, front column repair kits (S Kit), front column repair kits with 12″ h. bull nose deflector (SPro kit), entire frame repair kits (ST kit), straight leg rack repair kits (ST kit) and slope leg rack repair kits (SL kit).

We offer 5 unique Pallet Rack Repair Kit Solutions (bold text shows you what is unique about the kit):
1. 6″ high Front Column Repair Kit (WORLDREV XS). Color: Yellow.
2. 24″-84″ high Standard Column Repair Kit (WORLDREV S). (24″ is our most popular size)
3. 24″-84″ high Pro Column Repair Kit (WORLDREV SPRO): includes 12″ V-Nose Protector plus extended foot plate for twist protection.
4. 36″ H. x 42″ D. Frame Kit with struts (WORLDREV ST) plus 4″ bull nose protector
5. 36″ H. x 42″ D. Slope Leg Frame Kit (WORLDREV SL) with struts. (Note: Must only be used in back to back rows. The slope leg throws the center of gravity forward and cannot be used in single rows)

Pallet Rack Repair Kit Features:
1. Minimum order quantity 20 pieces depending on where you are located in relation to Chicago, IL. All rack repair jobs are quoted and supplied with factory installation. We do not provide rack repair kits for customers to install themselves.
2. Standard rack repair kits are designed to fit 3″ x 3″ teardrop upright columns and frames.
3. The height listed is the “Seat Height”. The height listed is also the amount of column that is being replaced.
4. Maximum Height for Rack Repair kit is 12’ high.
5. It’s been said that 10% of rack is damaged every day in the USA.
6. We offer a free rack repair audit on large jobs. Often times we discover after the audit that customers have twice as much damage as they expected.
7. Uprights must be repaired if upright has ANY damage to the corners, face, sides or back of column. As an example if you stand on a soda can it will hold your weight but if you dent the side of the can it will collapse – same with pallet rack.
8. You must always remove pallets from damaged racks immediately and do not load racks until damage is replaced or repaired by a professional rack repair specialist.
9. Rack repair kits are always a cheaper option than changing out a frame.
10. Rack repair kits are a much cheaper solution than having to move in rack sprinkler system.
11. Always a stronger option than the frame that you are switching out. 10-11 GA column steel is probably stronger than original column gauge thickness.
12. We offer the only rack repair kit that meets RMI specifications.
13. Only rack repair kit to date to be certified by Sal Fateen at Seizmic Inc. to bring rack back to factory specifications or better.
14. Only takes 20-30 minutes to install compared to 4-6 hours to change out an entire frame.
15. The real advantage we have over our competitors is that our crew can repair up to 20 or more uprights a day. Other companies average 4 per day. What fully functioning warehouse can afford to be inconvenience that long?
16. You don’t have to unload the rack system if you have us install the rack repair kit. We use a special lift that is able to securely grab uprights through front holes of column and hold column in place while the crew makes the repair.
17. At 25+ damaged uprights we can affordably offer installation services. Our installers will travel anywhere in the country. It is really just a matter of quantity of uprights that need repair and travel time. Our local crew charges 1/2 day minimum.
18. We also supply custom rack repair kits that are designed to match just about any style of pallet rack including: Unarco T-Bolt, Unarco Sturdi-Bilt, Republic Keystone, Speedrack and structural rack. Our structural rack repair kit has 1/4″ thick wall structural closed tube – It’s a beast!
19. We have the largest inventory of rack repair kits in the country. Look at the pictures of our large inventory. We can typically ship rack repair kits in 3-4 day from order placement. Custom rack repair kits require a 4 week lead time.
20. With safety a #1 priority, it is a great feeling knowing that you have taken the first step to repairing and restoring your pallet rack system. Start now by calling us at 800-763-9020.

The Questions we need Answered to prepare a rack repair quote include:
1. How uprights do you have damaged (Need Quantity)?
2. What punch type or pallet rack style do you have? Teardrop?
3. Do you have damage to the diagonal or horizontal bracing? Or damage to just the front column?
4. How many beam levels do you have in your rack? What is the spacing of beam levels (in inches)?
5. Are you interested in having the factory provide installation? If so, where is the jobsite located?