Wire baskets are some of the most in-demand warehouse products around and for good reason! Industrial Metal Storage Bins improve efficiency and organization in so many areas of your operation.  Custom wire baskets can be used for transportation or storage, making them one of the most versatile warehouse products you’ll ever have.

Wire baskets are ideal for transportation for several reasons. First, they help secure your items during transit, which prevents them from being damaged. Secondly, wire baskets help you maximize all of your available space. Wire baskets are stackable, so you can take advantage of otherwise unused vertical space. Finally, they can be used again and again, so you save tons on shipping materials by using wire containers.









Stacking baskets helps you maximize your space.

Wire baskets help improve warehouse organization because the mesh design allows you to easily see what you are storing. Everything moves faster when you’re organized. Your employees can quickly find what they are looking for, which helps them complete their tasks faster. Collapsible models are easy to knock down and store when not in use.








Save tons of space by using a collapsible wire container!

You can choose between rigid or collapsible containers. If you’re constantly using your containers, you may want rigid containers since you likely won’t need to knock them down. We also have a heavy-duty rigid wire container that can really take a beating. This is a popular choice in the automotive industry.

We have four sizes to meet every need – junior, medium, senior and large. No matter how you use wire baskets, we have an industrial metal storage bin for you that we know will help you maximize your efficiency and organization.

We also specialize in manufacturing and supplying custom wire baskets. That’s right, you can tailor your favorite product to work even harder for you! Choose from our variety of options and accessories to customize your wire baskets. Please note that customizations will add 9-10 weeks of lead time to your order.

Gates: Half drop gates come standard with wire baskets, but you’re able to customize your container with a swing gate. The design of the swing gate makes it easy to load and unload quickly – your staff will be grateful!


Maximize your efficiency with more access to your products with a swing gate.

Feet: Wire baskets come standard with stackable feet. You can add heavy-duty feet to the existing feet of the wire container to protect it from damage. The corners of wire containers are vulnerable to forklift damage so, we offer this add-on to help extend the life of your wire container (some of our customers have had their containers for more than 15 years!).

Heavy-duty feet with gusset and runner help reinforce the feet and prevent them from twisting or breaking, which helps keep your wire basket sturdy for years to come.








We also offer a step-up from heavy-duty feet called the Foot Protector/Foot Shield. Sometimes the speed or angle of a forklift can really do a number on the feet. Our customers had a problem, and we wanted to give them a solution. The Foot Protector/Foot Shield is inset within the foot of the basket, so it doesn’t stick out.

Not only does this accessory extend the life of your wire container, it can also help improve warehouse safety. When baskets are in the collapsed and stacked position, the Foot Protector keeps the baskets securely together, which keeps them from falling over.

Wire containers are an investment we want to see you enjoy for years to come, so we highly recommend foot protection.

Steel runners: Steel runners are a great way to invest in your wire container. They increase the rigidity in your container, which helps it stand up to forklift contact. Steel runners also allow you to use wire containers on pallet racks because they help safely distribute load weight.









You can choose from 2 way steel runners or 4 way steel runners for maximum support. You are able to add steel runners to existing wire containers. Please note that you cannot purchase steel runners without the purchase of a wire container.

Lids: We offer two styles of lids for your wire basket – attached lids and removable lids. Both have their benefits. Which lid you use will depend on container size and application. We only offer attached lids for medium, senior and large baskets. Junior baskets must have a removable lid. How you use your basket will also dictate which style lid will be best.









Casters: Casters make it easy to move your wire container. We can customize your wire container by adding two swivel and two rigid casters.








Casters make everything faster!

Metal label placards/ Engraved Metal Tags: Placards can help make sure you get your containers back. The placards can also help improve safety because you can clearly mark the maximum weight capacity on the container. Labels are welded to your container. If you want us to engrave it, please specify what you would like it to say.

You do have the option of ordering engraved metal tags that have holes punched in the corners are that can be secured with a zip tie. This must stated at the time of order.







Fork stirrups: Fork stirrups prevent accidents in the warehouse. The stirrups keep the wire container securely on the fork. This makes it easy for you to quickly transport your containers without worrying about them falling. This custom feature keeps the weight equally distributed across the fork.

Fork tunnels: Fork tunnels keep your basket securely attached the forks of the forklift. The ergonomic design ensures the weight is equally distributed. This not only helps prevent accidents, it also prevents damage to your forks.







Custom colors: Custom color wire containers are not only fun to look at – they could actually make your job easier. Many companies like to color-code SKUs, materials or products to keep things organized. Quickly assess your inventory just by looking at your different color containers. The factory can produce nearly any color you want because it has its own powder coat line.







Galvanized finish: Gray powder coat is our standard finish. This finish works great for many customers, but you may want to consider electro-galvanized or hot dipped galvanized finish that is applied after weld if your containers are regularly exposed to liquids. The hot dipped finish prevents rust, which is absolutely essential to the longevity of your container. This is a must-have feature if you work in the food processing, pharmaceutical and commercial fishing industries.







Dividers: Dividers help take your organization to the next level. Horizontal dividers creates shelves within the container. This is a great option if you need to clearly distinguish different products within the same container.

You can also choose vertical dividers. These dividers are great for storing frequently needed supplies.









Our factory invests in automated robotic welders to produce the same high quality container each and every time. You will not find a more technologically advanced wire container manufacturer in the world. Both our standard and custom wire baskets are the best in the industry because they go through a vigorous quality control process. Because we are so meticulous, any additions to your container will increase lead time 9-10 weeks.

We guarantee you will be thrilled with your purchase. We ship wire baskets from six stocking locations throughout the country to help save time and money. Because we choose the closest location, we help reduce the amount of transfers, which helps save you a big headache down the road!

You won’t find better prices or higher quality anywhere else. Get a quote for a wire basket today. We’d love to help you customize your product. Call 1-800-763-9020 to talk to an expert.