Pallet Trucks

A pallet jack (also known as a pallet truck) is a simple and easy method of moving pallets and skids from one location to another, and pallet jacks are often used in manufacturing plants, warehouses, and some large storage facilities to quickly and easily move pallet loads of goods. Pallet jacks are simple to operate and effective with pallets designed to support large amounts of weight. Pallet jacks usually are constructed with blades that slide under the pallet and are gently lifted with the use of a manual hydraulics.

Pallet trucks make it easy to quickly transport materials. These trucks are designed to efficiently and safely transport materials from one area to another. This is much safer and efficient way to transport instead of personnel trying to move it by hand. You can trust that these are designed to efficiently and safely carry loads.

We carry several varieties of pallet trucks. Some pallet trucks are electric and able to adjustable to retrieve loads from higher racks. We also have a pallet truck with a built-in scale. We even have a pallet truck designed to fit into narrow areas!

These trucks are great for getting into hard to reach areas, such as really low sections. The pallet truck saves employees from having to bend down and strain to get loads.

No matter what type of pallet truck you choose, you can trust it will be a workhorse that will improve your operations. Save tons of time with the pallet truck!

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