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A workbench or worktable is a location where personnel perform work. Industrial benches typically consist of a flat, smooth tabletop or a molded surface for mounting equipment. Some benches are equipped with storage areas or lockable drawer for tools and supplies.

Warehouse desks are ideal for supervisors, shipping and receiving or anyone who works on their feet. Workbenches and warehouse desks come in a variety of sizes and should be selected based on type of work their being used for.

Industrial benches are a great addition to the warehouse. They provide a place to store materials and to keep everything organized. Some materials do not belong out on the floor because they are dangerous and could cause an accident. Workbenches are a great solution for keeping everything in a designated area.

We carry a variety of workbenches to meet whatever need’s you have. The heavy-duty workbench is a nice option because it is made from the same materials as pallet racks, so you can trust this bench will last. It can hold up to 1,800 pounds. These also make great workstations.

The boltless workbench is adjustable and will last you a lifetime. It is a great option for storing a variety of materials, including heavy industrial materials. Don’t be fooled – low price but extremely high quality!

A steel workbench has many applications. This is a great place for manufacturing and assembly. This will last you a lifetime. An industrial bench is definitely an investment for your warehouse because you’ll always have a use for it, and it will last forever!

The premier workbench is a great addition to your warehouse because you can use it as a workspace and for storage. It has an extra thick top and can hold up to 1,000 pounds. You’ll wonder how you went without this industrial bench!

The shop desk is a perfect solution for your shop storage needs. This warehouse desk provides a space to perform tasks like paperwork. The warehouse desk also has storage space to help keep your space organized and safe. This is a great addition to keep at the shipping and receiving area to help keep paperwork organized.

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