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A warehouse cart refers to a wheeled device, generally made from plastic and/or metal, utilized to move items within a Warehouse, Distribution center and manufacturing facility. Carts can be equipped with drawers, bins, trays or flat surfaces to secure items for transport and storage. Carts utilize casters as well as pneumatic and semi-pneumatic wheels. An industrial truck is a wheeled vehicle used in the plant or distribution center, in the dock area (and in some cases also in the yard) or on construction sites, to pick up, transport and deposit single loads.

Warehouse carts and trucks can help increase the safety and efficiency of your warehouse. They make it easy to transport materials Рbig or small. Imagine how long it would take to transports dozens of small boxes by hand or how many people it would take for a large, unwieldy product. Save yourself tons of time with carts and trucks!

We have a variety of carts that will help you increase efficiency and organization. Our security carts are great for securing products for your peace of mind and to keep your personnel safe. These carts are great for securely transporting materials.

Some warehouse carts are specifically designed to work with specific products, such as the drum cart or pipe cart. We can work together to decide which cart is best for you.

Many trucks are ideal for transporting heavy duty materials. We carry a large variety of trucks that can be used to retrieve materials from racking systems. Trucks can help prevent injuries from employees from reaching for materials on high or low shelving. Trucks are a great addition to your warehouse because they are versatile and long lasting.

We highly recommend carts and trucks for your warehouse operation. Enjoy increased efficiency, organization and safety!

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