A pallet (also known as a skid) is utilized in the movement of unit loads, typically made of wood, although plastic, metal & wire pallets are also available. Pallets are usually forklift-able in that they are designed to accept forks between the top and bottom platforms of the unit. Pallets are used for assembling, storing, stacking, handling and transporting goods as a unit load.

Plastic pallets are stackable and long lasting. They stand up over time much better than wood pallets. They’re safer than wood pallets because they don’t rot. You’re able to reuse these again and again. You can even use these for shipping – just make sure you get them back! We also have nestable plastic pallets, which are easy to store when not in use. Rackable plastic pallets can be stored in pallet racks.

Aluminum pallets are a great choice because they’re durable and affordable. These are commonly used in the pharmaceutical or food industry. Despite being heavy-duty, these are light enough to move easily. We can create custom pallets for your storage needs.

Steel pallets are an investment in your warehouse. They are extremely durable and long lasting. You won’t need to replace your pallets any time soon. These can be used for shipping, saving you money in the long run!

Wire pallets are long lasting. These are a great option because you can use them again and again. Durable, versatile and affordable – you can’t go wrong!


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