Rolling Ladders

Rolling ladders are a type of ladder that has wheels and a base on the bottom for easy movement. They have a platform and hand rail. Rolling staircases are often used to access shelving. Warehouse ladders on wheels are ideal for factories, warehouses, stockrooms and maintenance areas.

Rolling ladders are alternatives to a forklifts. These are easy to move and easy to use. The Easy 50 Rolling Ladder is easy to climb. You’re able to face forward as you descend the ladder, which many people prefer for increased safety. This ladder is durable and long lasting. You can expect many years of use from this ladder.

The Aluminum Rolling Ladder is lightweight but heavy-duty. You can trust this warehouse ladder with wheels will not rust or corrode, which helps you save money down the line. This is an especially popular choice for the medical industry because it prevents contamination from rust.

The Rolling Ladder 1500 Series works well in place of a forklift. It can be used to reach materials from tall shelving units. It’s durable and meets OSHA safety standards.

Rolling staircases and ladders are a great piece of equipment for your warehouse. They make it easy to quickly access what you need without using a forklift.

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