Boltless & Rivet Shelving

Boltless rivet shelving is a great solution for many warehouses. Whether you’re looking for a storage solution for tires or file boxes, we carry a huge variety of boltless shelving to meet every need.

We highly recommend industrial boltless shelving units for a number of reasons. These shelving units are easy to assemble. These shelves have also proved to be very versatile. These heavy-duty shelves are made with high quality materials, so no matter what you need to store, you can be sure your inventory will be secure.

We can work with you to determine what shelving height you need to make the most of your operation. A low profile shelving system might be perfect for your space. You can use multiple units to create one large shelving system such as the popular RiveTier shelving system. Depending on where you place your industrial boltless shelving unit, you will be able to access the unit from all four sides.

Boltless shelving/ rivet shelving is the most economical for heavy duty shelves. No fumbling with nuts, bolts or shelf clips. Assemble this boltless rivet shelving unit by simply using a rubber mallet to connect the steel beams into the slotted upright posts. These boltless shelving unit shelves are 5/8” thick and adjust on 1-1/2” centers. Color gray. These heavy duty boltless rivet shelving units ships unassembled with or without particle board or flat wire mesh decks. We do sell particle board decking and laminated board decking.

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