Metal & Steel Shelving

Industrial metal shelving / steel shelving refers to a storage system designed to store non-palletized loads placed manually without the use of lift trucks. In its basic open form, warehouse steel shelving is comprised of upright posts, the desired number of shelves, and end and back braces. Sheet steel back and side panels may be substituted for bracing to form enclosed shelving units.

We carry four main types of metal and steel shelving.

Open steel shelving is a popular choice because it’s extremely affordable and durable! The open design makes it easy to see your inventory while still keeping all of your products secure. It also makes it easy to access your inventory without having to load or unload everything.

Closed steel shelving keeps inventory secure. The back and side panels increase security and durability. The closed sides and back help keep inventory clean. You can use a single unit or multiple units to create a secure and durable storage system.

Wire shelving is used across dozens of industries, including food service and medical supply. These shelving units are extremely affordable but also durable. The design make it easy to see your inventory, as well as quickly wipe down shelving to keep your workplace clean. Adjustable shelving makes it easy to customize this unit for your unique needs.

Stainless steel shelving is a tough and long lasting option. It will not rust or corrode, so you can use it for wet environments. You can store up to 600 pounds with our stainless steel shelving units. It will stand up to any job!

No matter which shelving unit you choose, you can trust they will all be durable and increase your storage organization!

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