Automotive Containers

Automotive containers are used for storing and transporting automotive parts and materials. The automotive industry is tough and requires heavy duty storage and handling options.

Automotive containers are constructed of either plastic, steel or wire, or sometimes a combination of all three. They are either rigid or collapsible, which gives them great flexibility. No matter what they’re made of, they’ll be able to stand up to the tough conditions of the automotive industry.

Although not cheap, automotive containers are designed with high quality materials and built to last. Despite being expensive up front, they end up saving you money down the line. You’ll have to replace cheaper options so often that it’s better to invest from the start.

These containers have a number of uses, which is part of what makes them so valuable. They are designed to store automotive parts. Using containers to store automotive parts help to improve your organization, storage density and safety of your operation.

Keeping parts and tools in containers gives them a designated place in your workspace. This makes it easy for everyone to find them without having to go through multiple parts. It will also reduce the time you spend doing inventory.

Using automotive containers not only improves your organization, it also improves your storage density. Some containers are stackable, so they allow you to take advantage of unused vertical space.

By placing parts and tools into containers, you keep your floor space clear. This prevents accidents and keeps potentially dangerous materials in a designated area.

These containers are designed to transport and store automotive parts that generally ship from Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive part manufacturers and suppliers (like metal stamping companies) to the Automotive Manufacturer. They are designed to safely transport the parts without getting damaged in transportation.

Automotive containers allow you to more efficiently cube out your trailer and maximize your space. Improving your storage density help cut down on shipping costs and allows you to ship more. The containers are also reusable so you’ll save on shipping materials.

We have a huge selection of automotive containers, baskets and bins. We also have containers designed specifically for certain brands, including BMW M-Series Steel Containers, Chrysler CC 71, CS-120 and CS 125 Steel Containers, Chrysler Heavy Duty Rigid Steel Containers & Bins, FORD SMF Series Steel Containers, FORD ZE Series Rigid Wire Containers, GM-5131 Style Rigid Wire Baskets, GM-5131 Style Collapsible KD Wire Baskets and GM Heavy Duty Rigid Steel Container & Bins.

Our other options include heavy duty containers that will last you for years to come. They include:

Heavy Duty Rigid Wire Containers, Rigid Wire Containers, Knock Down or Collapsible Wire Containers, Custom Wire Containers, Corrugated Steel Containers, Collapsible or Knock Down Steel Containers, Collapsible Steel Containers with Pin Feet, Corrugated Steel Foundry Tub / Scrap Tub with Lifting Lugs, Corrugated Steel Container with Skid Base, Drop Bottom Steel Containers, Round Corner Steel Containers, Steel Containers with Open Hopper Front and Plastic Bulk Containers.

We can also create a custom automotive container. It’s important to note that although custom manufactured many of these containers are manufactured to the automotive manufacturer’s exact specifications.  

Automotive containers will be the workhorse of your operation. They’ll improve your organization, safety and storage density. They’ll also help you cut shipping costs. They’re more than a worthwhile investment!

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