Tire Racks

Tire storage racks are specifically designed for storing car tires, truck tires, motorcycle tires or golf car tires on fixed open shelves. The arrangement is mostly on single 18” deep tire racking shelves with an aisle on both sides. Tire racks can be made of economical boltless rivet shelving, wide span shelving, pallet racks (for taller heights) or stack racks.

Tires are not easy to store. They’re large, heavy and not easy to move. If your tires are stored efficiently, you can lose a ton of time simply trying to find what you’re looking for. We carry several types of tire racking to help you find the storage system for your tires.

Maximize your storage density with the stackable tire rack. Tire stack racks are used by large tire manufacturers and tire distributors. You can stack up to five tire storage racks high. Getting the tires off the floor into the air helps to clear up floor space. You’re able to increase the amount you can store by getting organized with a stackable rack.

The boltless tire rack is a great option for quickly selecting tires with a ladder. This option is popular for smaller tire stores and repair shops. This is the most affordable tire storage rack option. Save money and time with the boltless tire rack!

A teardrop tire rack allows you quick and easy access to your tires. Teardrop tire racks are used by large tire storage warehouses. Teardrop static tire racks increase storage density, efficiency and organization.

The J&D Tire Carousel is an automated storage system that makes it easy to quickly retrieve tires without the use of tons of extra equipment. It is also popular in tire stores and big box retailers.

Increase warehouse organization with tire racking!

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