Heavy Duty Storage Racks

We have heavy loads that need storing. We were able to take an empty part of our warehouse and convert it to heavy duty storage racks. We used a combination of top hat pallet supports and solid steel decking to create heavy duty shelving. Before Heavy Duty Storage Racks             … Continue reading Heavy Duty Storage Racks

Aluminum vs. Wood Dock Plates

In this warehouse case study, we explore how an aluminum dock plate is a safer option for loading than a sheet of plywood. For years we loaded trucks by rolling hand trucks and pallet jacks over a sheet of plywood that was placed between the edge of the loading dock and the back end of … Continue reading Aluminum vs. Wood Dock Plates

Wine Bottles Stored in Wire Baskets

Wire Baskets and Wire Containers are popular for storing wine bottles. We have many wine makers buy our barrel racks for storing wood wine barrels and wire baskets for storing wine bottles. Wire containers are a low cost, high density, high efficiency means of storing wine bottles for aging.

Valves & Fittings Stored in Containers

Wire Containers for Valves and Fittings Wire Containers are ideal for storing pipe valves & fittings. We are a manufacturer and we use wire baskets to store and ship the following products to our distributors: •Valves •Fittings •Cylinders •Pumps •Hydraulic Pumps •Hose •O-Rings •Piston Rings •Motors •Actuators •Brakes •Brake Lining •Castings

Containers for Recycled Auto Parts

  Before Wire Containers After Wire Containers We have found that wire containers are very useful in storing our recycled materials. They allow us to better organize and store recycled materials as they travel through our facility. We no longer need to store recycled parts in storage racks. The stackable containers offer us dense storage … Continue reading Containers for Recycled Auto Parts

Aluminum Castings Stored in Wire Containers

Before Wire Containers After Wire Containers We specialize in manufacturing wire baskets for storing automotive castings. Die-casting is a process by which molten metal is forced by a plunger or compressed air into a metallic die and the pressure maintained until the metal has solidified. Die castings are accurate, are sharply outlined, have a good … Continue reading Aluminum Castings Stored in Wire Containers

HVAC Pipe & Duct Storage

Before Stack Racks After Stack Racks We use stack racks to store our HVAC pipe and duct. Stack racks are popular in the HVAC and sheet metal industry. They are ideal for storing long items and allow us to stack many loads high without experiencing damage to delicate parts which is common in bulk stacking.

Box Storage Racks

Before Pallet Racks   After Pallet Racks We had a problem that is common for many companies. Too much product and not enough space. We manufacture customized wooden wine boxes that are crafted and personalized to make giving wine even better. The idea has been so popular that we have outgrown our space. We invited … Continue reading Box Storage Racks

Pallet Racking

Before Pallet Racking After Pallet Racking We had a problem where we had palletized bundles of corrugated boxes on the floor and no place to store them. We had an open wall near our dock door. It wasn’t until our sales representative Brad stopped by our warehouse to make recommendations that we realized we could … Continue reading Pallet Racking

Lumber Rack Utilizing Cantilever Racking

Before Cantilever Rack After Cantilever Rack Our company Box for A Bottle manufactures artisan wooden wine boxes that are crafted and personalized to make wine giving even better. The concept has taken off and so have our sales. We quickly realized that we needed to do a better job of storing our raw materials and … Continue reading Lumber Rack Utilizing Cantilever Racking

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