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Since 1983 Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC has been supplying pallet rack, wire deck, shelving and warehouse equipment to the Nation’s largest original equipment manufacturer’s (O.E.M), distributors and retailers. Our corporate office is located in St. Louis, MO. To save you money on freight we offer strategically located stocking facilities in St. Louis, MO, Chicago, IL, Sumter, SC, Dallas, TX and San Diego, CA.

We specialize in steel storage racks and returnable packaging solutions including: stackable, collapsible wire baskets, steel containers, stack racks, plastic bulk containers, pallets & carts.

Experience the quality, service, integrity & low prices that have made us famous! If you have any questions please contact us at 800-763-9020 or e-mail sales@rackandshelf.com.


Pallet Racks


Pallet Racks consist of 4 styles: Selective, Drive-In, Pushback & Pallet Flow. The most popular and affordable style of pallet rack is Selective Pallet Rack which consists of uprights, step beams and accessories. Pallet Rack Accessories include row spacers, wire decking, pallet supports, post protectors, shims & anchors. We sell both new and used pallet rack.


Advantages of Pallet Rack Include:

  • Compatible with virtually all teardrop connections
  • Ease of assembly and beam adjustability
  • Economical, efficient and adaptable in application
  • Offers 100% Selectivity & access to every pallet


About Us 1


QS Teardrop Step Beams


QS Accessories


  • Worlds Largest Stock of Wire Mesh Deck
  • Custom Sizes and Design, No Problem
  • Stocking Programs, No Problem
  • No order is too small or too large
  • Powder Coat or Galvanized Finish

Wire Deck on Pallet Rack


24″ x 46″2446F-3-2504-4.610.730002″ x 4″63flared
30″ x 46″3046F-3-2504-4.613.230002″ x 4″63flared
36″ x 46″3646F-3-4.617.027002″ x 4″63flared
36″ x 46″3646S-3-2504-4.616.628002″ x 4″63step
36″ x 52″3652F-3-4.618.325002″ x 4″64flared
36″ x 52″3652S-3-2504-4.617.328002″ x 4″63step
36″ x 58″3658F-3-4.619.625002″ x 4″63flared
36″ x 58″3658S-3-4.619.325002″ x 4″63step
42″ x 46″4246F-3-4.619.025002″ x 4″63flared
42″ x 46″4246S-3-4.619.527502″ X 4″63step
42″ x 46″4246S-3-2504-4.618.825002.5″ x  4″63step
42″ x 46″4246S-4-4.6-I19.132002″ X 4″64step
42″ x 52″4252F-3-4.620.925002″ x 4″63flared
42″ x 52″4252S-3-4.620.627502″ x 4″63step
42″ x 52″4252S-3-2504-4.619.525002.5″ x 4″63step
42″ x 58″4258F-4-4.624.527502″ x 4″64flared
42″ x 58″4258S-3-4.622.127502″ x 4″63step
44″ x 46″4446F-3-4.620.425002″ x 4″63flared
44″ x 46″4446S-3-4.620.125002″ x 4″63step
44″ x 52″4452F-4-4.624.926002″ x 4″64flared
44″ x 52″4452S-3-4.621.726002″ x 4″63step
48″ x 46″4846F-3-4.622.025002″ x 4″63flared
48″ x 46″4846S-3-4.622.025002″ x 4″63step
48″ x 52″4852F-4-4.627.525002″ x 4″64flared
48″ x 52″4852S-3-4.623.725002″ x 4″63step
48″ x 58″4858F-4-4.628.725002″ x 4″64flared
48″ x 58″4858S-4-4.630.025002″ x 4″64step
60″ x 46″6046F-4-4.631.225002″ x 4″64flared
60″ x 46″6046S-4-4.631.025002″ x 4″64step

** All Capacities are based on Evenly Distributed Loads **



•Double Flange Design – Stock
•Custom Sizes & Design, No Problem
•Powder Coat or Galvanized Finish
•Worlds Largest Stock of Pallet Supports


36″ CB-36-2W-1.4 4.5 1550 2″ flanged 13 1.625″
42″ CB-42-2W-1.4 5.2 1450 2″ flanged 13 1.625″
44″ CB-44-2W-1.4 5.5 1350 2″ flanged 13 1.625″
48″ CB-48-2W-1.4 6.0 1250 2″ flanged 13 1.625″

** All Capacities are based on Evenly Distributed Loads **



Custom Design, No Problem

  • Traditional Bolt Down Design – Stock
  • World Guard – Includes Hardware – Heavy Design
  • Large Stock Availability
  • Choose Bolt-On or Bolt Down Design


SIZEPART #WGTDescription
12″NMPP-1211Traditional Bolt to Floor Design
18″NMPP-1814Traditional Bolt to Floor Design
24″NMPP-2418Traditional Bolt to Floor Design
24″NMPP-24-AG10.5World Guard,  Bolt On Design




  • 12″ tall 1/2 moon, 6″ x 4″ angle
  • In Stock for Immediate Ship
  • Custom Lengths & Design, No Problem
  • Powder Coat Safety Yellow
  • Bolts to floor surrounding the upright frame
  • Different thicknesses available

end of aisle protector 2

SIZEPART #WGTDescription
42″ – LeftEAP-RP-42-HD-L70Half Moon – Left
42″ – RightEAP-RP-42-HD-R70Half Moon – Right
42″ – Single RowEAP-RP-42-HD-S90Half Moon – both sides




  • Heavy Duty Design, Powder Coat Finish
  • Perfect for long loads (pipe, wood, etc)
  • Removable posts
  • Stacks to save room & floor space
  • In Stock for immediate ship
  • Custom Sizes, No Problem


SIZEPART #WGTDescription
48″ x 48″ x 60″SR-A3-A-48486012548″ x 48″ base, 60″ posts
48″ x 48″ x 48″SR-A3-A-48484812060″ x 60″ base, 48″ posts
60″ x 60″ x 48″SR-A3-A-60604814048″ x 48″ base, 48″ posts
60″ x 60″ x 60″SR-A3-A-60606014560″ x 60″ base, 60″ posts




  • Strongest and most economical shelving system
  • Ideal for bulky or packages items
  • Easy to assemble using only a rubber mallet
  • No cross braces means double sided access



SIZEPart #WGTCapacityDescription
48″ W. x 24″ D. x 84″ H.B4-4824-84W1141000 lbs./ Shelf48″ W. x 24″ D. x 84″ H. Rivet, Boltless Shelving. New. 4 shelves per unit. 1000 lbs. capacity per shelf.   Includes Particle Board Decking. Color: Gray
72″ W. x 24″ D. x 84″ H.B4-7224-84WH1661000 lbs./ Shelf72″ W. x 24″ D. x 84″ H. Rivet, Boltless Shelving. New. 4 shelves per unit. 1000 lbs. capacity per shelf. Includes (1) Shelf Deck Support per Shelf.  Includes Particle Board Decking. Color: Gray




  • Worlds Largest Stock
  • #1 Selling Basket in the World
  • Highest Quality Basket in the Industry
  • Casters, Dividers & Accessories Available
  • Galvanized After Weld Finish – Standard
  • Solid Collapsible Baskets – please inquire



SIZEPART #WGTMESH1/2 drop gate
20″ x 32″ x 22″ (16″ usable)WB-203222581/2″ x 1/2″on 32″ side
32″ x 40″ x 34″ (28″ usable)W-5-3240341282″ x 2″on 40″ side
40″ x 48″ x 36″ (30″ usable)W-5-4048361652″ x 2″on 48″ side
40″ x 48″ x 42″ (36″ usable)W-5-4048421832″ x 2″on 48″ side
CASTER ADD-ON– CSn/a2 swivel * 2 Rigid (4″ x 2″) poly hard




  • Better than Wood, Long Lasting
  • Custom Design, No Problem
  • Perfect for in-house pallets
  • Perfect for 1-way shipping
  • Perfect for Returnables
  • Galvanized Finish After Weld

Wire Pallet - 6 rail


SIZEPart #WGTDescription
40″ x 48″NRP4840-3453 Runner Supports, heavy duty mesh
48″ x 48″NRP4848-3503 Runner Supports, heavy duty mesh



  • Durable, with a long life cycle
  • Lightweight, ergonomic & easy to handle
  • Fire Retardant, 100% recyclable
  • Hygienic and impervious to infestation


Size: 48″ x 40″ x 6.1″ Rackable Plastic Pallet. New. 25,000 lbs. Static Capacity. 5000 lbs. Dynamic Capacity: 2200 lbs. Racking Capacity. Truck Load Qty: 540. Color: Black. Weight: 34 LBS. Part Number: WRS-4840-4RPP



  • Collapsible for space savings & return shipment
  • Stackable for high density storage
  • Returnable, Reusable, Recyclable
  • Hygienic and impervious to infestation


Size: 48″ L. x 45″ W. x 34″ H. (28.5″ H. Inside Clear) Heavy Duty Plastic Collapsible Bulk Box. New. 2000 lbs. cap. Two half drop gates on 48″ side. Color: Black. Weight: 140 LBS. Part Number: WR-454834




  • Only gates made with galvanized steel
  • Better ventilation & more security
  • Number 1 loss prevention solution
  • Strongest gates you can buy


SIZEPART #WGTDescription
7′ to 8′ Wide x 6.5′SSG865747′ to 8′ Wide x 6.5′ Collapsed Ht. (6′ In Use Ht.)  Single Steel Folding Gate. New. Single folding gate pulls from one side to other. Galvanized Finish
10′ to 12′ Wide x 6.5′PFG126511510′ to 12′  Wide x 6.5′ Collapsed Ht. (6′ In Use Ht.) Double Steel Folding Gate. New. Dual folding gates meet in the middle. Galvanized finish.
48′ Wide x 79′ D-792579″ Max. Height x 48″ Max. Width. Hinged Folding Door Gate. Galvanized Finish.
 Up to 12′ Wide x 6.5′XL1265135Up to 12′  Wide x 6.5′ Collapsed Ht. (6′ In Use Ht.) Portable Folding Gate. New. Galvanized Fin




  • Remove most of the physical effort in moving pallets
  • 5500 lbs. cap. 2.9″ lowered, 7.2″ raised height.
  • Smooth rolling nylon or long lasting polyurethane wheels
  • 2″ Low profile pallet jacks & scale pallet jacks

EZ Lift Pallet Truck

Size: 48″ L. x 45″ W. x 34″ H. (28.5″ H. Inside Clear) Heavy Duty Plastic Collapsible Bulk Box. New. 2000 lbs. cap. Two half drop gates on 48″ side. Color: Black. Weight: 140 LBS. Part Number: WR-454834




  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Includes Casters and 2 shelves
  • Add-on shelves also available
  • In stock for immediate Shipment
  • Galvanized After Weld Finish – Standard
  • Custom Sizes, No Problem



SIZEPART #WGTCart Includes?/td>
24″ x 36″ x 70″ tallSC-243670-D612265Lock tight doors, Label Holder
24″ x 48″ x 70″ tallSC-244870-D-69285Lock tight doors, Label Holder
24″ x 36″ – add-on shelfSC-2436-AOS192″ x 2″ mesh,  heavy duty shelf
24″ x 48″ – add-on shelfSC-2448-AOS20.52″ x 2″ mesh.  heavy duty shelf



* We cannot guarantee 48 hour shipment. Occasionally we run out of stock on these products. Our estimated lead time will be noted on the quotation that we send to you. Due to dynamic nature of plant loadings and varying complexity of orders, firm ship dates can only be assigned and communicated at time of order placement. Thanks.