Safety Cabinets

Steel storage cabinets make efficient use of storage space by providing secured enclosed storage for small or high value parts. Industrial safety cabinets are designed for storing flammable liquids, acids, chemicals, paints, inks & pesticides. Drum cabinets are designed to store 55 gallon drums. Cylinder storage cabinets store propane tanks. All of our safety storage cabinets are designed to meet OSHA requirements.

Safety storage cabinets are an excellent addition to your warehouse. No matter what you’re using them for, they always provide maximum safety so you can rest easy knowing your materials are secure.

They’re often used to store hazardous or toxic materials, such as acid, paints and pesticides. These cabinets are specifically designed to protect these flammable liquids. Many come with adjustable shelving units so you can customize the cabinets so you get the best use possible from them.

Industrial safety cabinets lock so you can trust no one will access them without a key. They can also be used to store valuable materials that you don’t feel comfortable storing in a locker. They are made of high quality, durable materials that can stand up to a beating.

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