Wire Containers

Wire Mesh Container Products

These heavy duty wire storage containers are for use in fulfillment, closed-loop distribution, material handling, packaging, transportation, warehouse and storage.  Wire containers can be used for the storage of aluminum castings, automotive parts, boxed goods, brake components, carburetor bodies, fittings, manufactured goods, oil pumps, parts, tools, transmissions, recycled materials, valves, water pumps & wine bottles.

With collapsible wire containers to rigid wire containers and even stackable options to choose from, Warehouse Rack & Shelf can help you maximize your warehouse space.
Wire bins have many applications. Please email us a picture of how you use your wire basket.

Many wire containers are stackable and collapsible. You’re able to maximize storage density by stacking containers and making use of valuable vertical space. When the containers aren’t in use, simply knock them down and store them. Re-use again and again!

All of our wire containers are made from high quality materials, so you’re going to get a lot of mileage out of these. They can also be used for transporting materials. You can trust your products will get safely to the destination in wire containers. You can also save on shipping materials by using and reusing wire containers during transit.

Wire containers have many applications. For example, we have a few options that are used for automotive parts. These heavy-duty containers help to organize parts and keep everything secure. No matter the job, wire containers can help you maximize your storage density and improve warehouse organization.

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