Sadly, we can hardly go a day without hearing about terrorist attacks, workplace shootings and random acts of violence in the news. Violence can be overwhelming and can make us feel powerless. You might feel like there is nothing you can do about it and just hope it doesn’t happen to you.

It’s hard to know where to start when you want to protect your workplace from violence. We understand you don’t have time to shut down your whole production to completely redo your space.

One of the first things you should do is start by identifying any dangerous areas in the workplace. How secure are your entrances? Do you have areas with dangerous tools that are easily accessible?  Are heavy duty machines guarded properly?

The next thing to do is to look at ways to make improvements to those dangerous areas. It might feel daunting, but through our more than 30 years of experience, we’ve found a solution that dramatically increases security without breaking the bank.

Wire partitions are some of the most versatile and valuable additions you can add to your operation. They have many great features but one of the best is that they help to increase security. Wire partitions are an ideal solution because you’re able to maximize on your existing space without calling the contractor.

How wire partitions help increase security

Secure spaces: You can create a enclosed area using wire partitions, doors and speciality locks. Perhaps you realized that keeping certain equipment out in the open could be very dangerous.

You can use your existing storage space for the product and construct a security cage around it to keep unauthorized users away from the machine. The warehouse security cage creates a barrier to entry and makes it clear this area is off limits.

It’s easy to think about protecting your personnel, but you also need to think about protecting your machinery, too. You want to keep areas off limits to anyone who doesn’t have the appropriate clearance or access to prevent tampering or destruction.

Visibility – Wire partitions provide security without sacrificing visibility. Visibility is so important because you need to be able to quickly and easily monitor who is accessing the space. You also want to be quickly see what you are storing so that you know if something is missing. The wire mesh allows you to quickly see what you need in the event of an emergency when time is not always on your side.

Durable – The woven wire that makes up the partitions is tough and stands up against wear and tear. You can trust that a warehouse security cage will stand up to tampering or attempted vandalism.

Things to think about to maximize your security with wire partitions

Every business has a unique set of needs, which why we work with you to create the system that works best for you.

Configuration: You can customize your configuration so you can maximize your storage density based on your needs. For example, you could choose to use three partitions if you’re building against a wall or four if it will a free-standing warehouse security cage.

We can stack the panels to fit your needs.
We’ll work with you to determine how many panels you need to maximize your security.

Size: In order to decide how big your warehouse security cage will be, you need to think about a couple of things. What are you storing? Will you be moving things in and out of the cage frequently? For example, if you’re storing equipment, you need plenty of room to safely move around and to haul the pieces in and out. Answering those questions will help you determine wall dimensions.

Ceiling: Depending on how you’re using your partition, you may want to consider adding a ceiling piece. The ceiling piece closes off any gap that happens if your partition walls are not flush to the ceiling. Closing off the gap helps prevent anyone from entering by climbing in through any openings.

Door details: There are several details to consider if you want to include a door. We suggest adding a door for increased wire partition security.

Here a few things to think about:

Door width: Choose from 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 10” options. You will want to make sure you have enough clearance if you’re moving large machines in and out of the partition.

Location: Where do you want to put the door and in what position? Consider adding a door that’s not on the front wall to be discrete.

Type: You can choose from three types of doors. Hinged or double hinged doors are ideal if you need to move large items in and out of the cages often. Sliding doors are a great choice because they don’t need any extra space to open out onto the floor.

Sliding doors are ideal for spaces that don’t need extra room for the door to swing open onto the floor.

Hinged and double hinged doors are great choices if you need to move things in and out of your warehouse security cages frequently.

Locks: Locks take security to the next level. You can choose from several types of locks to customize and maximize your security. Padlock lugs are a popular choice. They’re affordable and easy to use while still keeping the area secure.

The Cylinder Lock Keyed is a great choice for maximizing your security because you need a code and key to get access.

You can also choose an electronic locking device like a card reader or a keypad. Electronic devices help prevent people from making duplicate copies of physical keys. We recommend changing codes frequently.

Wire partitions security applications

Style 840 Wire Partition – This is our standard wire partition. It’s made of  2” x 1” woven wire mesh, which provides great security. It has tons of applications.

DEA Drug Storage Cages – You must store illicit substances properly, in fact, the DEA requires it! You want to prevent anyone from stealing these dangerous substances to take themselves or give to other people. Protect yourself against a fine and protect others against harmful substances!

Server and colocation cages – Wire partitions are ideal for server storage because they provide security and ventilation. It’s important for servers to be stored in the right environment so the equipment isn’t damaged. The wire mesh is just the right material because it lets air in and keeps unauthorized visitors out. You want to make sure your servers are protected because they can contain personal information, as well as communication systems that can be vital during an emergency.

Mechanic/Technician Cage and Locker Systems – We highly recommend using security cages for mechanics and technicians to store tools and equipment. We suggest using a checkout system. The visibility makes it easy to quickly take inventory of anything that’s missing.

Tool Cribs Wire partitions are frequently used to store tools. Being able to store tools in one central location improves efficiency and safety. Because you’re able to restrict access, you can have peace of mind that dangerous tools are stored safely.

Evidence and secured enclosures – It’s especially important to store evidence properly, especially if weapons are part of the evidence. Wire partitions are great for storing evidence because they provide visibility, organization and security.

Holding cells – Wire partitions are commonly used as holding cells. They provide great security, ventilation and visibility. They can be configured for use with doors from other areas to streamline secure inmate transportation.

Driver and building access cages – Security cages are one of the best ways to secure your space. Driver and building access cages provide a barrier to entry while simultaneously providing protection to employees. These are commonly used at entrances, exits and at loading docks.

Storage lockers – Requiring employees to leave personal belongings in a secure and central space helps to increase safety in the workplace because it prevents people from carrying bags around the workplace that could contain dangerous items.

Machine Guarding – It’s very important to properly secure machines when not in use. It’s also important to restrict access to these machines. Not only do you keep people from entering a dangerous area, you keep unauthorized users out.

We can’t stress enough the importance of protecting yourself, your personnel, your equipment and your space from violence. We’re here to help you make your workplace a safer environment. We’d be happy to work with you create the right system that helps you maximize your security.

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