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Please list the quantity and size of used pallet rack you would like to sell along with condition and submit the form.

Pallet Rack Specs

In order to receive maximum offer, racks need to be disassembled, neatly stacked, securely banded and loaded on our truck or trucks.

Would you like us to send installers to disassemble your racks?

Pallet Rack Material List

Upright Frame

Step Beam

Pallet Rack Accessories

Row Spacers

Join uprights together in a back to back row.

Pallet Supports

Utilize 2 under each pallet to support the load.

Wire Decking

Wire Decking Supports single boxes or palletized loads.

SPECIAL NOTE: Please keep in mind that In some cases where the quantity of rack is too small, style of rack is not popular, condition of rack is not good or location of rack is too far from our warehouse in St. Louis that we may respectfully no-bid and decline making an offer to purchase your used rack.

Please send photos of the racks you wish to sell to