Bar Racks

Bar storage racks are for heavy industrial use. These horizontal or vertical storage racks allow you to easily organize bar ends, saw drops and pipe. Our bar racking system allows for fast product ID and retrieval of materials as needed. Bar Storage Racks are specially designed for the storage of long items. We offer horizontal and vertical bar racks.

Bar racking maximizes your storage density and efficiency by getting inventory off the floor. We carry a variety of bars racks to help meet your storage needs.

Bar storage racks increase warehouse organization. Lumber and manufacturing materials can be dangerous if not stored properly. Bar storage racks are necessary for keeping your warehouse space and personnel safe. Increase your efficiency by easily seeing and accessing your materials.

Vertical bar racks are ideal for storing long, unwieldy items. The design allows you to store items vertically and horizontally with the front supports and back pan shelving. The supports keep your materials from bending or getting damaged from improper storage. Vertical bar rack systems come with a chain across the front to keep everything in place.

Our 66-opening horizontal bar storage rack stores materials of varying shapes and sizes all in one unit! Maximize your storage efficiency and density by getting your materials off the floor and into the air. This unit is commonly used in manufacturing plants and maintenance shops.

The 15-opening horizontal bar storage rack is ideal when you need to store large amounts of materials in a small space. This is a great storage system because you can store a variety of size materials in one space!

We highly recommend bar racking for your warehouse storage needs. Increased storage density, efficiency and safety – you can’t go wrong!

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