Guards & Rails

Warehouse guard rail consists of posts and rails and are designed to keep a forklift or other motorized equipment from damaging property or threatening people. A common size is 21” high posts for single tier & 42″ high post for double tier (either square tube or I-beam) with beams (typically 10 to 11 gauge) that form a single or double high fence.

Machinery guards are made to protect equipment and people and is designed for traffic control. Guard rail is a system of posts and rails that join together to create physical barriers for work area protection. Warehouse railing is meant to help protect an area and keep employees and visitors safe.

Warehouse guard rails are made from heavy duty materials to protect against forklift damage. They make it clear areas that are off limits and prevent accidents. We carry a variety of shapes, sizes and heights to help you maintain your safety standards in your warehouse, no matter what you need.

Steel bollards, rack guards and guide rails create a safe environment and save you money in the long run. Warehouse railing also helps to prevent pallet rack damage, so you save money on pallet rack repairs. Finally, they help to keep your employees and materials safe, which we know is your top priority as a warehouse manager.

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