Mechanic & Technician Lockers

Mechanic & Technician Lockers. New. Configured: 1 Run of 6 Bays (A Bay is 1 Locker wide x 3 Tiers High) 72″ Overall Height. 18 Total Openings: 24″ Wide x 24″ High. Locker has Door on Front & Open on Back. Padlock Lugs. Color: Gray. PN. TL-2424-6

SPECIAL NOTES: Est. Lead Time: 6-8 weeks. FOB: Factory

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Technician and mechanic lockers increase security, efficiency and accountability! They help you control what goes out the door! Reduce confusion for Mechanics and Technicians by divvying up their allotted parts, equipment and supplies in individual wire mesh storage lockers which can only be accessed from outside the storage cage.

A burgeoning part of our wire partition business has been the design, manufacturing and installation of custom technician and mechanic lockers / locker systems for the contracting industry. These tool cribs offer secured and organized storage. What makes them special is that they include not only the wire partition (or cage) but also include small storage lockers with lockable gates for different technicians.

The advantage of wire mesh storage lockers is that that they secure your supplies and offers a single point of entry and exit for facility maintenance personnel to retrieve and store their equipment and supplies. This level of organization is critical to many different companies including manufacturers, distributors and contractors.

What makes our Technician and Mechanic Locker unique is that it combines the wire partition security cage, wire mesh storage locker system and plastic storage totes to create a multipurpose work / storage room that is secure and efficient.

Let me explain how a Technician and Mechanic Locker system works. The inventory manager loads the technicians lockers from the inside of the security cage where the equipment and supplies are safely stored. The mechanics and technicians are required to access their allotted equipment and supplies through their own locker. Therefore, wire mesh storage lockers are loaded from the inside and picked from the outside, giving you total control of what goes out the door.

Distribution lockers allow drivers and technicians to enter facility in a controlled environment. From inside the tool cage the parts manager is able to load the lockers. All items stay separated and inaccessible from technicians side of the cage, allowing the technicians / drivers only access to their locker.

Technician lockers are needed whenever you have a crew of mechanics and/or technicians that use a variety of parts and supplies. That is why they are popular with Auto Tech Centers, Cable Companies, Electrical Companies, HVAC Companies, Lift Truck Companies, Plumbing Companies, Warehouses and Distribution Centers.

Common Mechanic Locker Configurations:
• 4 Compartments High (each compartment 1′-8″ high)
• 4 Compartments Wide (each compartment 2′ wide)
• Ceiling Panels
• 2′ wide x 1′-8″ high Door Size
• 2″ x 2″ x 10 GA Welded Wire Mesh Panels (Mesh is welded to an angle frame)
• Hinged Doors
• Padlock Hasp

Advantages of Mechanic Technician Distribution Locker Systems:
• Control Access
• Control Inventory Loss by eliminating pilferage.
• Maintain Organization
• Reduce Costs