Pallet Rack Decking

Pallet rack decking is the material, generally made from corrugated metal, perforated metal, pallet supports or wire mesh that is placed on shelves, rack load beams to support loads of variable sizes.

Pallet supports are used to support full pallet loads. Wire decking is used at many warehouses and manufacturing plants as a safety measure on pallet racks to prevent pallets from falling through the rack structure. Wire deck complies with state and local fire codes.

Pallet rack decking is ideal for increasing organization and safety. These can change your storage system into exactly what you need to meet your warehouse needs.

Wire decking is a popular choice because it’s versatile and affordable. It can be used to store everything from boxes to full pallet loads. The design makes mesh decks easy to see what you’re storing without having to unload everything.

Our steel decking option is ideal for heavy-duty inventory. The smooth surface is great for storing containers with legs. You can trust this decking will last you a long time!

Corrugated decking is the most durable decking option available. This type of decking provides maximum support and maximum coverage. In addition to pallet decking, it can be used in a variety of applications, including mezzanine flooring and roofing, so you can trust it will stand up to the job!

Rain deck perforated corrugated rack deck exceeds safety standards! The corrugated rack deck allows sprinkler access in the event of a fire. This unique system offers many advantages, including saving you money on your insurance rates! Increased safety and savings – it’s a win-win!

Heavy duty bar grate decking is extremely durable. This is a great storage system if you work with liquids, like oils or dyes. The open design makes it easy to keep this system clean. Simply wipe down!

We can work with you to decide which pallet decking system is best for your warehouse needs.

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