Dock Equipment

Dock equipment is used to make the loading dock area of a facility more accessible. The equipment provides a safe movement of goods in the dock area. Loading dock safety equipment includes loading dock levelers, elevating docks, dock boards, dock plates, dock lights, dock bumpers, dock door seals, dock gates, dock shelters, strip doors, traffic doors, trailer stabilizer jacks & yard ramps.

We highly recommend you invest in loading dock safety equipment. They increase safety and productivity.

We carry several types of dock equipment. The basic aluminum dock plate is a popular choice because of their affordability. They’re also light enough that you can move them easily. Easy to use, easy to move…great value for the price!

Dock boards are meant to be used with forklifts and trucks. They are durable and long lasting and can stand up to the daily wear and tear. Our dock boards are in compliance with ANSI safety standards.

Edge of dock levelers are an alternative to mechanical loading dock levelers. They’re a much more affordable alternative if you don’t have a ton of truck traffic.

A mechanical dock leveler is a great investment if you have truck traffic on a daily basis. This equipment is heavy-duty and long lasting. You’ll find you have to perform minimal maintenance even with daily use!

We have lots of other dock accessories such as dock lights, loading dock lifts and pallet scales. All of our dock equipment can help to improve the safety and efficiency of your warehouse. We’d be happy to talk with you about which dock equipment could improve your operation.

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