Lift Tables

An industrial lift table is an ergonomic device utilized to raise, lower or tilt workloads such as pallets and containers. A material handling lift table is a hydraulic scissor device used to raise, lower, stack, convey and/or transfer material between two or more elevations. Such movement enables the worker to access the load at an acceptable level so as to not exert undue physical strain while working with the item(s).

Lift tables make a great addition to your operation because they are versatile and affordable.

Accordion skirting is used with the Scissor Lift Pallet Jack to help prevent injuries. The skirt covers up any access to the hydraulic components, and in turns keeps arms, legs, hands and fingers safe.

Ergonomic lift tables can lift heavy loads and also doubles as a work surface. This table prevents injuries because your personnel doesn’t have to bend down and strain to reach for products. Because it doubles as work area, you also increase productivity and reduce the time spent transporting materials.

Lift tables help to improve safety in the warehouse, in addition to productivity and organization.

The Scissor Lift Pallet Jack does double duty. It’s used to transport pallet loads around the warehouse, while also adjusting to be a workstation if needed. It can hold up to 2,200 pounds. You won’t be disappointed with this piece of equipment. It will last you for a long time and get the job done on a daily basis.

A Scissor lift cart combines the features of a cart and a lift table. It is a less expensive option to a lift table and is available in steel and stainless steel construction.

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