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The Coil

The Layout and the Space

Which way do you want stored coils facing?
What is the diameter of your coils? (Measured across the side with the eye)
What is the width of your coils? (The side that goes into the rack)
What is the weight of your coils?
How many coils high do you want to store in your rack?
How many coils wide do you want to store in your rack?

Coils Total

Do you want to store bottom level of coils directly on floor or would you like to have a beam level with coil cradle off the floor?

What is the clear ceiling height of area you want to add coil rack?

*Please be aware that coils must be supported by BOTH front and back beams of coil rack system. We do not recommend storing smaller coils on cradles alone.

*Coil Racks are not designed to store narrow slit coils. We consider anything less than 20” wide to be a slit coil. Slit coils must be stored on floor level or stored on their side in “Slit Coil Rack”.