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WorldStop Pallet Safety Stops | Horizontal Flue Space Protectors

3″ D. x 5″ H. Single Row Pallet Stop. New. Off set 3″ beyond pallet rack beam. Heavy duty double wall construction. Notched waterfall to fit over wire deck. Rear rib to fit over wire deck waterfall. Welded gusset for impact resistance. 4 counter sunk holes for tek screws. (4)
tek screws included. Powder Coat Gray. Weight: 3 LBS. Part Number: NDWSS0003305005000P. NOTE: AS SEEN IN ORANGE PICTURES AND PICTURES ON RIGHT COLUMN.

12″ Double Pallet Safety Stop / Pallet Rack Flu Space Protector. New. This Pallet Stop for racking provides a 6″ flue for back to back rack. Fits within a 12″ flue opening. Inside clear = 11.75″ / Outside Clear = 15.75″. Outside clear = 15.75″. Notched to fit over wire mesh decking. 3.0″ wide x 5.0″ tall, includes 4 tek screw holes. 2 tek screws per side for optimal performance. Includes Tek screws. Powder Coat Gray. Weight: 5 LBS. Part Number: NDWSD12063050156200P. NOTE: AS SEEN IN FEATURE PICTURE.

*Patent Pending

*Our 12″ double pallet safety stop is designed to fit in a 12″ flue space but don’t be confused, It will give you a 6″ flue space (Our 12″ double pallet safety stop allows for 3″ pallet overhang + 6″ stop + 3″ pallet overhang).

*Don’t install pallet safety stops before wire decking in a new installation. Pallet safety stops are designed to fit OVER existing beams and wire decking.

*When trying to decide if you should use single or double pallet safety stops in your back to back row you should consider the following: 1. Always use double pallet safety stops in back to back row for cost savings unless your flue space is not a standard size. We stock double pallet safety stops for 12″, 18″ and 24″ flue space. If the distance between your back to back row is something other than 12″, 18″ or 24″ than go with single pallet safety stops to avoid custom long lead times. Also go with single pallet safety stops in back to back row if your flue space is not a consistent size throughout your warehouse OR if beams are not set at the same elevation throughout your warehouse.

*When ordering single pallet safety stops you will need one per pallet position.

NOTES: WHEN SENDING QUOTE REQUEST PLEASE TELL US PART NUMBER AND SIZE OF PALLET STOPS YOU WANT US TO QUOTE. Pallet Stops for Racking. Lead Time: In Stock. FOB: Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA. Ships best way pre-paid & add or customer to provide name of their freight carrier.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Pallet racking safety stops help prevent push through accidents and protect in rack sprinkler systems!

The patented WorldStop Pallet Safety Stop offers flue space control for fire safety. In many cases these flue space protectors are being required by the county and Fire Marshall’s nationwide. We stock pallet stoppers for warehouse rack safety in 7 locations across the country. Protect your flu space now with pallet racking safety stops before the Inspector or Fire Marshall comes knocking!

We’re proud to introduce the new patented “Fluekeepers” Pallet Load Stop. The block shaped flue space protector helps keep your flue space consistent. Longitudinal pallet brackets allow perfect placement of pallets every time – providing a fixed 6″ (or greater) flu space for pallet rack applications.

The pallet safety stops most important job is creating an acceptable flue space opening between pallets that allows for ventilation that helps prevent fires and allows for space for water from sprinklers above the racks to penetrate product stored in racks.

Block style load stops are considered a pallet rack accessory. This double sided block-shaped load stop works as both a backstop and flu space divider. Flue Space Protectors prevent pallets (and pallet loads) from being pushed off the back of the rack when being loaded and unloaded by a forklift. You will be surprised at how much pallet rack accessories such as pallet racking safety stops increase ease and efficiency of loading process.

Many municipalities (especially in California) are now requiring that warehouses, distribution centers and home improvement centers use pallet racking safety stops for the safety of employees and customers. Pallet stops prevent pallet loads from being placed to far off the back of the rack by the forklift driver. This pallet rack accessory prevents product from falling off the racks into the aisle ways and on to the floor – and God forbid onto some ones head. Building inspectors are requiring better warehouse rack safety through wire partition panels, netting, pallet load stop beams or WorldStop pallet safety stops added to the back of pallet rack.

We stock both single row pallet stop and double pallet stops for use in back to back rows only. Like row spacers, they help keep back-to-back rows of pallet rack perfectly aligned. Longitudinal pallet brackets for racking are easy to install and securely attach to the rack. The pallet stopper simply drops down onto the orange load beams of your pallet rack system. These pallet rack accessories have flanged ends that fit on a standard step beam. We recommend that you Tek screw them into place  through the flange securing them to the beams.

Pallet Load Stops Come in Two Styles:

Single Pallet Stop – Single row pallet safety stop is available in stock. 3″ offset, extends 3″ beyond pallet rack beam. Flue space control for single row applications. Double walled and gusseted for superior strength. Integral offset rib for wire deck clearance. Weight: 3 LBS. Part Number: NDWSS0003305005000P (840 PER BOX)

Double Pallet Stop – Controls pallet load placement to keep flu space consistent in back to back rows. Consistently keeps a fixed 6″ (or more) distance between pallets. 5″ high to prevent pallets from entering flue space. Weight: 4.8 LBS. Part Number: NDWSD12063050156200P (350 PER BOX)

Pallet Stop Advantages Include:

Helps you keep a consistent 6″ flu space between pallets which in many cases is required.

Allows your sprinkler system to function as designed

Block pallet stop is 5″ high to prevent pallets from entering the flue space area.

Stock Sizes Include: 12″ (For a 6″ flu), 18″ (for a 12″ flu) and 24″ (for a 18″ flu) lengths.

Rigid box design and robotically welded for superior strength.

Standard durable gray powder coat paint finish.

Additional custom sizes available.

Double or single row design available from stock

Installs easily and securely with (4) pre-punched and counter sunk holes, Tek screws included.

Designed to meet International Building Code 2012 (IBC 2012) and NFPA13 where applicable.

In many cases satisfies insurance companies guidelines and local building inspector criteria (may be required by International Fire Code 2012 Edition)

Pallet stops for racking available for new rack installations as well as retrofits

Additional Information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 3 × 5 in