“For over 6 years Warehouse Rack & Shelf has supplied our company with wire baskets. Year after year you’ve provided us with quality wire baskets, low prices and the highest level of customer service. Your shipping locations in Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta save us freight cost. You’ve always got what we want, when we want it.”

~ Bill, Inventory Manager at BP

“Honestly, one of the easiest transactions I’ve had. I’m new here (two weeks new) and you helped me make the owner smile. (a feat unknown to many). Wire baskets are super hot item on his list and with your help, we made it happen. So thank you for making this so easy for me and I’m glad it was a win/win for both of us.”

~ Eva, Pastings Mfg.

“Based on my experience, I highly recommend Warehouse Rack & Shelf. They provided a highly detailed and professional quotation in a timely manner. They delivered a high quality pallet rack system in 3 weeks and best of all…they helped me do it under my budget.”

~ Bob, Director of Operations

“Warehouse Rack & Shelf was able to get two truckloads of pallet rack and wire deck new from the factory to my dock in one week. They were able to save me money on freight cost. I’ve got the rack and wire decking installed and it looks great! Thanks for all of your help.”

~ Mark, Warehouse Manager

“Thanks you are top on my list. Your prices blow everyone else away.”

~ James

“High quality products & great prices.”

~ John, Mount Vernon

“Received baskets the other day, exactly what we wanted, if this were EBAY I give you an AAAAAAAAA++++ rating. Thanks.”

~ Gary, G-pex Tool Group

“We are absolutely thrilled with the new cantilever racks; In fact, the purpose of this e-mail is to see if we can get a quote for some more racks.”

~ Brent, Facility and Site Services Supervisor

“Your company has ranked 100% in “On Time” deliveries for the last 12 months and your company is to commended for it’s fine service.”

~ T. Corp

“We’ve purchased truckloads of pallet rack from Warehouse Rack & Shelf over the years and we’ve always been satisfied with the quality and the price.”

~ Brook Plant Manager

“We are kicking ourselves that we didn’t do this years ago… The cantilever rack looks great and it opened up floor space for growth without having to add square footage to our facility.”

~ Dave, Owner

“We love our new galvanized folding gates. They are high quality, affordable and were easy to install. Also the shipping cost was reasonable. The gates offer us the security we need.”

~ Ben, Inventory / Purchasing Manager

“We got our truckload of cantilever rack on Friday and a truckload of used pallet rack today. All I can say is outstanding! I couldn’t be more thrilled!”

~ Chris, Buyer

“The tire rack arrived yesterday and we already have them set up. It is amazing the floor space we’ve cleared by storing the tires in racks.”

~ John, Store Manager

“I received my baskets today and with the help of a couple friends got them into my garage. I think they are going to work perfectly for what I had in mind. Thanks so much for your help! I’m glad I found your company on the internet. You’ve saved me a lot of money and provided great customer service.”

~ A very satisfied customer, M. Howell

“I want to say thanks for the security gates. They came in quicker than I expected. Your service was awesome. You don’t get service like that anymore and I really appreciate it. You answered all of my questions. We bolted them up and they are nice and secure. I feel a lot safer now. I will recommend you to others that I know that may need your products.”

~ Greg, Warehouse Manager

“I love this gate. It’s the best thing I ever got. I own Roto Rooter plumbing franchises and this Inn. I will order 2 more gates and I will call you back. We love this gate. Thank you for your good service. Thank you for your good product.”

~ Morris Cook, Rain Tree Inn