Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC serves ALL of North American and South America!

Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC’s corporate office is located in St. Louis, MO. To save you money on freight, we stock the most popular warehouse products – industrial shelving units, wire decks, containers, warehouse shelving systems, pallet racking, bar, tubing & pipe rack – at strategically located stocking facilities throughout North America.

We’re able to ship products “Best way pre-paid & add” directly to your dock or we’d be happy to ship it using your freight carrier. Warehouse Rack & Shelf is a company you can count on to deliver the goods you need every day, like warehouse storage racks and protectors, and that will also make you look good while doing it.

For more than 30 years, we’ve brought you the largest inventory at the lowest prices, from metal racking shelves to wire baskets. We understand the ever-changing landscape of the retail environment, which is why we offer you multiple stocking locations to meet your modern day needs.

The benefit of having multiple stocking locations is felt directly by our customers. Stocking locations have been thoughtfully placed throughout the country, so you’ll get quick delivery no matter where you are, which we know is essential in today’s fast-paced environment. Having multiple locations will also save you tons on freight costs because we’ll pick the location closest to you.

When we ship from the closest location, we eliminate the need for numerous transfers through multiple freight terminals. Not only does this help reduce your cost, it helps reduce the risk of product damage.

As one of the top online Material Handling and Storage Product companies, we’re committed to delivering the best service at the best price every day. We believe having multiple stocking locations is essential to best serve our customers throughout North America.

Get a quote today or call an expert at 1-800-763-9020. Click the links below or on the green star next to each city on the map to learn more about the stocking locations.



Largest Cities for Pallet Rack & Wire Decking Sales

Largest Cities for Steel Shelving & Boltless Metal Shelving Sales

Largest Cities for Wire Baskets, Steel Bins & Plastic Collapsible Bulk Containers Sales

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