Forklift Attachments

Forklift attachments turn your run-of-the-mill forklift into a versatile material-handling machine. With the right forklift accessories you can get the job done faster, more safely and more efficiently. With our forklift attachments you can transform your forklifts into carpet moving machines, easily load and unload drums, hoist heavy equipment, or create a mobile, adjustable work platform for hard to reach places.

Forklift attachments help you give one piece of equipment many different functions without having to buy tons of different machines!

For example, the carpet pole makes it easy to safely and securely transport carpet rolls. You can also use drum carrier and rotator to transport drums without having to buy a specific forklift for that function. We have fork extensions to help you increase your reach.

The right forklift attachments help to increase the safety of your warehouse and improve efficiency. If you’re not using the proper attachment, it creates the real potential for an accident. You can also lose valuable time if you’re not using the right equipment.

We also carry accessories large and small to transform your forklift. Check our our full selection including a propane tank caddy, forklift work platform, forks, hoisting hooks and more! We can help you decide which forklift attachments are right for you!

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