Do you have a rack or shelving solution for my needs? One that will solve my storage problems.
We like to say we have a rack for every need. We specialize in supplying industrial storage racks. We manufacture custom racks for nearly every application. We have a variety of storage rack options including: static rack, portable rack, stackable rack, collapsible rack, warehouse rack, shipping racks and bulk containers.
We offer solutions that will increase storage capacity and handling efficiency in your warehouse. Please call one of our storage rack experts at 800-763-9020 to discuss your requirements. We are the authority for racks and shelving. Let us help you. We will get you the answers you need to make the right choice.

“Can you provide pallet rack to match my existing rack?”
In most cases we can supply pallet rack that will match (or be compatible) with your existing pallet rack. Teardrop rack is the most popular rack. Most rack manufacturer’s make a teardrop style pallet rack. Most teardrop designs are compatible with each other.
There are also other popular styles of rack that we have available new or used that include Ridg-U-Rak, Sturdi-BIlt, Republic Keystone and others. Please visit our Pallet Rack Styles page to help determine what style of rack you have

Please call one of our pallet rack experts at 800-763-9020 to discuss your requirement. We are the pallet rack experts, let us help you. We will get you the answers you need to make the correct decision.

“What are my options for storing pallets in my warehouse?”
Options for storing pallet in a warehouse include (from least expensive to most expensive): selective pallet rack, drive in rack, push back rack and pallet flow rack. As you can guess the density and efficiency becomes greater as the price goes up.
Selective pallet rack gives you access to all pallet loads from the floor but is not very dense because of required aisles. Drive in rack offers very dense pallet storage but is not very efficient because you have to drive your forklift into the rack system and back out with pallet on forks. Pushback rack offers you both density and efficiency because pallets flow on carts to the front of the system for fast picking. Pallet flow rack is the most expensive but it offers you not only density and efficiency but is the purest form of FIFO (First in First Out).
You have to ask yourself how many pallets per SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) do you have and how quickly do your pallets move in and out of the rack. Does your need for density and efficiency justify the cost of the rack. You may also find that the most flexible option may be storing pallets on stack racks.

“What is the cheapest shelving you have available?”
Our least expensive and most popular shelving system is boltless shelving (AKA Rivet Shelving) that utilizes particle board or wire decking. It’s a high quality durable shelving unit that utilizes full length corners posts for higher capacity, not the lighter capacity spliced corner posts sold at the big box stores. Ours is designed for commercial and industrial applications.
Shelving preferences have always taken a geographical line in America. The West Coast loves boltless shelving with particle board or wire decks. The East Coast loves clip shelving. The Midwest falls somewhere in between. You should go with what works for you. The boltless shelving option is certainly the least expensive shelving available but for durability and strength you can’t beat metal shelving.
Warehouse Rack and Shelf stocks boltless shelving and metal shelving in MO, IL, KY, TX and CA. We are the authority on shelving, let us help you. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff at 800-763-9020 to get the answers you are looking for.