Drum Handling Equipment

55-gallon drum handling equipment is equipment & rack that is used to handle, transport and store cylindrical modules such as steel drums, barrels, plastic drums and fiber drums. This equipment is commonly used in chemical and petroleum industries, as well as industries that require shipping and storing cylindrical modules.
Drum Handling Equipment is usually used for handling standard size 55-gallon drums. However there are models that can handle smaller and bigger capacity drums. This barrel handling equipment can be used to lift, stack, move, weigh, pour and rack drums and barrels.

Drum handling can be extremely dangerous. Drums can cause injury to your personnel if not handled properly. They can also leak if damaged and create an accident. Drum handling equipment is meant to improve the safety of your personnel and equipment. Our drum handling equipment is a high quality and meant to last.

We have drum transporting equipment, such as drum trucks, caddy’s or jack. They are meant to handle these heavy-duty drums with strength. These are a definite investment for your operation. Our drum transporting equipment will stand up to the job.

We also have drum storage options, such as drum rack and drum cabinets. It’s absolutely essential to be sure drums are transported and stored properly. These storage options will keep your drums secure, while simultaneously keeping your personnel safe.

Check out our full offering of drum handling equipment. We can work with you to help you determine which equipment is right for your operation.

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