Lifts & Stackers

Lift and stackers make it easy to access materials at a variety of levels. These machines adjust to access what you need without you having to bend down or reach too high and risk hurting yourself.

The Manual Stacker is operated by hand to change levels. You only need one person to operate this piece of equipment. The nice thing about this stacker is that you don’t have to have multiple people operate it and you eliminate the need for heavy-duty machinery.

The Straddle Truck can transport up to 4,000 pounds of materials. This is a great alternative to a forklift. You can access narrow aisles with the straddle truck. The legs provide a counterbalance, which makes the truck work like it does!

Vestil Stacker Lifts are also used in place of forklifts. This stacker lift offers a high amount of protection for the operator. It can access narrow areas while also transporting heavy-duty materials.

Our Counterbalance Lift Truck works in place of a forklift. This is a versatile piece of equipment. It can be used to unload everything from pallets to trucks or dies. Because this truck doesn’t have outriggers on the front, you decrease the risk of damage to the pallet rack.

Lifts and stackers make excellent additions to your warehouse operation. In many cases, they can be used in place of forklifts.

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