Drive-In Racking for 1000 SKU’s

We have thousands of pallets of the same SKU. These palletized loads are big and light. Our pallets set in the rack for days not hours and therefore we didn’t need the efficiency of pushback rack. We needed a high density, low cost storage rack that could maximize our storage space. After doing some research … Continue reading Drive-In Racking for 1000 SKU’s

Custom Wire Containers

Our current dunnage is disposable and is costing us lots of time and money to replace. Custom wire containers are a long lasting solution and saves us money in the long run. Wire containers can be manufactured in custom sizes and does a great job of protecting our product while in transportation and storage.  We … Continue reading Custom Wire Containers

Coil Storage Racks

Before Coil Racks After Coil Racks We added pallet racks with coil cradles for storing Steel Coils that we warehouse and process in our slitting facility. The Coils we store are in the range of 8,000-16,000 lbs., 40 -60 inches wide, and 35-50 inch OD max. We release these coils randomly (typically FIFO) so access to … Continue reading Coil Storage Racks

Steel Tube Storage Racks

Before Cantilever Racks  After Cantilever Racks We were faced with a problem were our explosive growth coupled with expanding inventory requirements and lack of storage space created a log jam. Had we known that cantilever racks could store as much steel tubing as it does we would have done this years ago. The cantilever rack … Continue reading Steel Tube Storage Racks

Rivet Rack with Wire Decking

The Fire Marshall in NJ requires that boltless shelving have wire mesh decking instead of particle board decking. The flat wire decking just drops into place. I would say the advantages of wire decking (beside that fact that are non-flammable / safer) is that wire decks are cleaner and more durable than wood decking- and … Continue reading Rivet Rack with Wire Decking

Backroom Shelving

Retail storage space usually consists of back room storage. The back room is significantly smaller than a warehouse and requires a unique shelving solution. backroom shelving utilizing rivet shelving solved all of our storage needs. It offered dense storage with long span shelves that have a narrow shelf height, which allowed us to maximize the … Continue reading Backroom Shelving

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