Stackable Baskets Storage In Warehousing

Wire Baskets are Collapsible and Stackable 4 High

Brad - Warehouse Rack & Shelf


Container Load of Wire Containers

Stackable baskets storage is ideal for a 3rd party logistics company like ours. They have allowed us to avoid purchasing fixed pallet rack. Stackable baskets give us a tremendous amount of flexibility in storage, which is critical for serving our customers with seasonal storage. Wire baskets are a hybrid storage solution offering a variety of sizes for different sized items. All can stack 4 high and be knocked down and stored away when not in use – opening up our floor space to other storage jobs. They offer the ultimate in storage density and handling efficiency. If that wasn’t enough – They can be used to transport goods in trailers which help protect our goods while in transit and better cubes out our trucks for freight savings.

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