Custom Wire Containers

Custom design protects employees and product – saves money.

Gerry – Hendrickson Suspension – Canton, OH



Our current dunnage is disposable and is costing us lots of time and money to replace. Custom wire containers are a long lasting solution and saves us money in the long run. Wire containers can be manufactured in custom sizes and does a great job of protecting our product while in transportation and storage. 

We added a custom features to our basket – Half drop gates on both long sides of the basket, steel runners, 5” x 7” welded label placards and HD nest legs. The nest legs secure the baskets in the stacked position and add additional protection for the feet.

The heavy-duty nest legs do a good job of keeping baskets secure while in the stacked position. This custom stacking feet design helps keep the baskets from shifting during movement especially when stacks of baskets are being moved around the warehouse or shipped collapsed. The design also allows for an extra layer of protection for the feet.

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