Wire Carts

A wire cart refers to a wheeled device, made from wire mesh, utilized to move items within a warehouse, retail store, distribution center or manufacturing facility. Wire utility carts are equipped shelves to secure items for transport and storage. Shelf Carts utilize casters as well as pneumatic and semi-pneumatic wheels. We offer 3-sided carts, merchandise carts, nestable carts, roll carts, stock carts & security carts.

Wire carts with wheels are great for storing materials in your warehouse. The traditional wire roll cart is open in the front and has a closed back and sides. This wire utility cart can be used for transportation and storage. We have a variety of configurations, including removable shelving, so you can create the best system for you.

Our security wire cart is a great way to make sure your items are secure during transportation. You can also use this wire cart with wheels to keep potentially hazardous materials secure.

Our nestable wire carts make a great addition to the warehouse because they can folded up against each other and stored easily. They help to improve efficiency and take up very little room when not in use…it’s a win-win!

Wire utility carts can also make it easy to quickly transport materials without needing a forklift. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll use wire carts. Not only are these great for transporting goods within the warehouse, these can also be used for shipping. Save on the cost of shipping materials by using wire carts.

Wire carts with wheels are extremely versatile. You’ll find yourself using them all the time and wondering what you did before!

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