Shipping Racks

Reduce Damage, Increase Density, Save Money

Yuesheng - Cummins - Memphis, TN


Before Shipping Racks


After Shipping Racks

As fuel costs increase we figured now was the time to take control of our fuel and shipping costs. Shipping racks have helped us bring those costs down. Shipping racks have allowed us to better cube out our trailers. Previously we were not able to bulk stack pallets and skids in trailers because it would cause product damage and create a safety issue with material shifting in transit. Stack racks used as shipping racks have allowed us to get two or three more levels of material in each bulk stack. 

We are saving lots of money in freight by better cubing out our trailers. Shipping costs have been drastically reduced because we use 1/3 less trucks per week by adding additional storage levels in our trailers. The height of stacking frames can be adjustable. We are able to use these in both truck and rail applications.

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