Aluminum vs. Wood Dock Plates

Aluminum Dock Plate is Safer Than Wood Dock Plate

Corey-Premier Restoration

Wood Dock Plate
Wood Dock Plate
Aluminum Dock Plate
Aluminum Dock Plate

In this warehouse case study, we explore how an aluminum dock plate is a safer option for loading than a sheet of plywood.

For years we loaded trucks by rolling hand trucks and pallet jacks over a sheet of plywood that was placed between the edge of the loading dock and the back end of a truck. That was until one of our employees fell through the gap when the plywood cracked. Luckily he was okay, but we decided we weren’t going to take any more chances.

We recently purchased an aluminum dock plate and it’s been a life saver. It makes loading trucks a breeze. The aluminum construction makes it easy to lift for even our smallest employee. The diamond plate top gives it lots of traction, and gives us peace of mind that we are not going to slip on rainy or snowy days.

We like how the safety stop legs secure the plate against the dock to prevent it from slipping. It has handles on the side that allow us to lift and move it easily. It has beveled edges and a 7” bow to it that helps for a smooth transition from the dock to plate to the truck. These aluminum dock plates hold a lot of weight but they are only designed for our hand trucks, pallet jacks and dollies. Not designed for forklifts.

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