Steel Foundry Containers with Perforated Sides for Hot Castings

30″ wide O.D. x 30″ Long O.D. x 23.5″ Overall height Rigid Corrugated Steel Container with PERFORATED SIDES. New. (29.6″ wide I.D. x 29.6″ long I.D. x 18″ clear ht.) 4,000 lbs. capacity stackable 2 high. Cap. Cu. Ft.: 9.0. Constructed of 2″ x 2″ x .187 GA. steel angle in corners. 11 GA. corrugated steel panel sides WITH PERFORATIONS (HOLES). 11 GA. steel panel bottom. RAW/ UNFINISHED/ UNPAINTED. **NOTE: TARGETS ADD 1-1/2″ TO OUTSIDE DIMENSIONS OF CONTAINER.

NOTES: THESE ARE ALL CUSTOM MANUFACTURED. WE SPECIALIZE IN PROVIDING CUSTOM SIZES THAT MEET YOUR NEEDS. FOB: WI or MO. Est. LEAD TIME: Please allow our Engineers 1 week to quote. 8-10 weeks to manufacture after sign off on approval drawings.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Unfinished/ Unpainted Steel Foundry Containers with Perforated sides are popular at cast iron foundries because they are ideal for storing hot aluminum and iron castings. Available with smooth or corrugated steel sides with perforations or holes. The holes allow for proper air flow which helps cool down the parts. Foundries cast raw steel into shapes by melting them down and pouring molten liquid into sand, ceramic or metal moulds to create unique metal parts. Everything from horse shoes, manhole covers to automotive parts.

These steel bulk containers can be made with wire mesh or solid corrugated steel sides. The wire mesh is nice but the wire needs to be very thick and the thicker the wire the great the spacing which can allow small parts to fall through or get tangled in the mesh. You would also be replacing the wire mesh containers more often compared to sold corrugated steel bulk containers.

Steel Foundry Tubes have unique features. Parts often come out of the foundry very hot – over 1000 degree’s. For that reason we recommend sold steel bulk containers with holes or perforations in the sides. Solid sides offer strength while the perforated holes provide necessary air flow which cool down the hot parts. Also steel foundry tubs tend to be raw/ unfinished/ unpainted because paint would just melt off and contaminate the parts.

They must be very strong because the steel parts are often dropped into the bottom of the container. Therefore we often supply extra heavy duty steel bottom panels that withstand the abuse without getting damaged. Often times we will used 11 GA steel side and bottom panels that can withstand the impact of heavy parts.

These steel bulk containers come in a variety of different sizes. We can custom manufacture them to meet your specifications. Options and accessories include drop gates for ergonomic access to stored parts. Stackable feet which allow you to stack them 4-5 high which saves space in our warehouse. We can even include casters which do not affect stackability.