GM 5131 Rigid Wire Baskets & Bins

54″ L. x 44″ W. x 40″ H. (30.5″ useable height) 5131 COMPATIBLE Heavy Duty Wire Mesh Containers. New. (1)- Drop Gate on 54″ side. 2″ x 2″ welded wire mesh side panels.  2-way – 1/2 x 2″ Flat Bar Runners in long direction. Stackable with bottom Pin Style Stacking Feet. Heavy Duty Construction. Fork Stirrups. Blue or Gray Paint Finish. (No kick plate, No stencils, No label plates, No Labels, No Numbering unless specified). NOTE: We can fit 75 Bins per Truckload. Weight: 387 LBS. Part Number: GM 5131


Double Wire Mesh Side Panels, Kick Plate, Second Drop Gate, 4-Way Flat Bar Runners in all four directions, Powder coat paint finish.

NOTE: These are one of the heaviest duty wire mesh bins that we offer. Built like a tank, virtually indestructible.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

These industrial wire storage baskets are designed to be compatible and stackable with other 5131 style automotive bins. It’s the ultimate heavy duty automotive shipping container! It’s a beast!

The 5131 is a well-known part number used by Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive manufacturers to refer to heavy duty rigid wire bins that are used to store, transport and protect automotive parts in transport. Since 1995 the factory has supplied tons of these heavy duty wire bins to  automotive stamping manufacturers and auto part suppliers across North America.

We are able to provide “Authentic GM-5131” rigid wire bins if you request because we are able to manufacture them to original automotive specifications per the factories original drawings dated 1964. These baskets have the same base, same mesh, same latches, same corner posts, same J-channels, same GA steel and wire. Heavy duty metal storage containers are designed to be compatible and stackable with some of the same features that make them so durable.

We offer the lowest price and largest selection of new and used collapsible or rigid wire baskets in a variety of different sizes. The 5131 style wire mesh storage basket with it’s 54″ x 44″ x 34″ size is an industry standard. There are many manufacturers of 5131 style baskets in America and thousands of these 5131 style wire containers in the market place. The 5131 style wire basket is designed for the automotive industry but is also appreciated by any industry that is wanting a long lasting durable wire basket. It is super heavy duty.

These rigid wire mesh storage baskets are designed for heavy applications. You will often see steel automotive component parts being stored in these containers. They are used primarily within the manufacturing facility or warehouse but also used as shipping racks to safely transport product in trailers. We occasionally have used 5131 style wire mesh storage baskets available. As an alternative we are able to design low cost collapsible wire containers that will stack on your heavy duty rigid wire bins.

Steel Wire Bins are designed for the automotive industry. Thousands have been sold to Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive suppliers over the years. It’s a super heavy duty rigid wire basket that is designed for industrial applications. This heavy duty metal storage bin is built to last many years. We can provide new or used 5131 compatible wire baskets at affordable prices.

We also manufacture low cost COLLAPSIBLE version of these heavy duty wire baskets! It also has the same GA of steel and wire mesh, same base, same latches, same corners posts and j-channels, but the collapsibility of heavy duty metal storage bins by nature makes it less durable.  

A Description of our Heavy Duty Wire Bin:
44″ d. x 54″ w. x 40″ h. O.D. (42″ d. x 52″ w. x 30.5″ h. I.D.) 5131 Style HEAVY DUTY Wire Baskets. (This is a knock off or interchange wire basket that is manufactured to original 5131 specifications per their drawing dated 1964). New. 4,000 lbs. capacity. Stackable 4 high. Half drop gate on the 54″ side. Steel angle corners posts and side rails. 2″ x 2″ x 2 GA. DOUBLE mesh base and sides. Heavy duty understructure. Steel Runners in the 54″ direction. Pentils on bottom, Durable blue or gray paint finish.

What makes our heavy duty metal storage bins so special? I would say the durability of it’s side panels. It has almost 100 LBS of steel is added in special heavy duty wire mesh side panels alone. The drawing in photo gallery offers a snap-shot of a 5131 Side Panel, in Isometric view. The horizontal wires are the .252” diameter wires, and the vertical wires are the thicker .306” diameter wires. Hence our notes for the specification as 2″ x 2″ x .252”/.306” wire mesh. Two different wire diameters. You will notice there are also extra added reinforcement horizontal wires about every other wire as well. The other panels are like this too. The factory engineered this design style at least as far back as 1964, possibly earlier. We also fabricate a number of Ford and other types of heavy duty metal storage bins this way as well.

How many rigid wire containers are we able to fit on in truckload? When it comes to the 54x44x40 wire bins we can fit 75 but only if we turn one bin on its end for each stack. This isn’t really ideal for finished wire mesh storage baskets as they can get damaged during transport as well it’s a bit of a pain for unloading as the bin will need to be removed from the top of the stack, placed on its end, and then tipped over. That being said some customers do request this method to save on trucking. We are able to ship in either loads of 50 or 75 however we will need to include some form of dunnage if we are doing loads of 75.

Options include:
• Kick Plate along the bottom sides
• Engraved Label plates
• Label placards
• Stencils
• Numbering
• ID tags
• Powder coat finish in choice of standard colors

Please keep us in mind for the design and/ or fabrication of industrial racks, bins, baskets and containers. Call us today at 800-763-9020 to discuss your requirements!

NOTES: We also offer a GM-20544 that is 54″ W. x 69″ L x 38″ H that is almost identical in construction but with a longer 69″ length. As an option we can provide 54″ x 44″ x 40″ h. wire bins as steel bulk containers with solid metal sides.