Stackable Wire Baskets

All of our stackable wire storage baskets are collapsible! This allows you amazing flexibility in storage. One minute you can maximize your storage space by stacking wire baskets 4 high and the next day you can move them, collapse them, store them away and free up the floor space for other purposes!

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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Warehouse Rack & Shelf LLC has the nation’s largest inventory of stackable wire baskets. Our wire containers can also be stacked 4 high while storing 4,000 LBS in each container. These durable, steel stacking wire baskets are ideal for warehouses and distribution centers. They increase storage density and handling efficiency.

Stackable wire baskets are able to be lifted by the forks of your forklift, transported and stacked relatively easy.  Wire baskets have big stacking feet that nest on outer walls of basket below. Clear up floor space and utilize air space with stackable wire storage baskets.  The wire mesh construction allows for quick visual inventory. Stackable wire baskets collapse down when not in use for efficient storage.

Warehouse Rack and Shelf ships from the largest inventory in the United States. We can save you money on freight by shipping our stackable wire baskets from strategically located facilities across the United States including: Dallas, TX. Atlanta, GA, Chicago, IL, St. Louis, MO and Los Angeles, CA. We stock stackable wire baskets in 4 standard sizes.

We offer you the #1 selling wire containers in the World. The reason it is #1 is because it has the highest quality in the industry. Our factory supports production using the best, most modern equipment available. These stackable wire storage baskets are manufactured using state of the art equipment and multiple automated welders that help ensure high quality welds.