Medium Duty Rigid Wire Container [GM-5131 Compatible/Stackable]

54”L x 44”W x 40”H Medium Duty Rigid Wire Container [GM-5131 Compatible/Stackable]. New. 4,000 LBS. Capacity. Stackable 4 high. 2″ x 2″ heavy duty welded wire mesh (NO reinforcement wires). 3” x 3” x 3/16” Angle Corner Posts. 2” x 2” Tubing with 2” x 2” Angles for Base Framing. 12 GA steel J-Channels for 3 upper cross rails and 1 middle cross rail on gate side. Half-Drop Gate on one 54” side. Stackable, with bottom pin style stacking feet on all 4 posts. 3/8″ x 2” Flat Bar Forklift Runners all 4 sides. 10GA Kickplate (2” High). Powder Coated standard Blue/Gray. Part Number: MD-5131

SPECIAL NOTES: EST. LEAD TIME: 8-10 weeks. FOB: Grand Rapids, MI or Ontario, Canada

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities
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For all of you price conscious buyers out there we’ve created a lighter duty GM-5131 compatible rigid wire container, let’s call it the “MD-5131” for Medium Duty. It still has the 4,000 LBS capacity and is still stackable with your existing authentic GM-5131 rigid wire baskets. We’ve just made some design changes.

In an effort to reduce cost we’ve lightened the gauge of steel on some of the basket components. Particularly removing double reinforcement wires changing from “single wire, double wire, single wire” mesh side panels to just 2″ x 2″ single wire mesh side panels. We’ve gone with a 12 GA steel J-Channels for 3 upper cross rails. We went with 3/8″ x 2″ flat bar runners on all 4 sides and 2″ high x 10 GA kickplate.

Some customers don’t need the robust construction of the authentic GM-5131. The authentic GM-5131 is built like a tank – virtually indestructible. The medium duty 5131 is still a very strong rigid wire container without being over built – for cost savings.