Custom Wire Pallet Surrounds

40″ w. x 48″ d. x 30″ useable ht. Wire Pallet Surround with Corner Mount. New. 2″ x 4″ mesh pattern. Stackable design. Attaches to the sides of a wood pallet. Includes (1) half drop gate on the long side. Does NOT include wood pallet. Electro-galvanized after-weld finish for rust resistance. Weight: 97 LBS. Part Number: NDWBS40483060SS000G

40″ w. x 48″ d. x 36″ useable ht. Wire Pallet Surround with Side Mount. New. 2″ x 2″ x 5.8 mm mesh. Stackable design. Attaches to the sides of a wood pallet. Includes (1) half drop gate on the 40″ side. Electro-galvanized after-weld finish for rust resistance. NOTES: INCLUDES FULL PERIMETER “LIP” STEEL STRIP ON TOP AND BOTTOM, EXCEPT ON DROP GATE. INCLUDES 4 HOLES IN EACH Z-STRIP SO SCREW DOWN TO PALLET WITH (16) .25″ WOOD SCREWS. *Refer to drawings for all dimensions and specs. Weight: 139 LBS. Part Number: WB404836-5.8-WP-SP1-GR

NOTES: We Specialized in Custom Sizes – Just tell us what size pallet you have. Doesn’t include screws. Doesn’t include clips. Doesn’t Include wood pallets. MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY: 20 PCS. Lead Time: 10-12 Weeks. FOB: Chicago, IL 60446, Allentown, PA 19530, Dallas, TX 75228, Los Angeles, CA 92408.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

Custom Wire Pallet Surrounds are wire mesh sides with drop gate that can be attached to your existing wood pallets. We custom manufacture them for standard 48×40 wood pallets but can provide them in may other sizes. They are used to container loose product that is stored on wood pallets.

Wire folding pallet surrounds are an inexpensive alternative to collapsible wire baskets. You use your existing wood pallet as a base and we supply the wire mesh sides. They are rackable, stackable, collapsible and can handle 2,000 – 4,000 LBS. Wire pallet surrounds allow you to convert your existing wood pallets into storage cages. Ergonomic drop gate on 40″ or 48″ sides allows for easy ergonomic access to stored product.

Wire pallet surrounds can be handled by a pallet jack or the forks of your lift truck. Lift, transport and store wire pallet surrounds in your warehouse or trailer. They make great shipping containers. Many retailers use them to transport odd shaped products and returns that cannot be efficiently stacked.

Our most standard wire pallet surround is designed for a 40″ w. x 48″ d. GMA Wood Pallet. But Please remember that ALL wire pallet surrounds are custom manufactured and require a 9-10 week lead time. We can supply drawings for you to print, review, sign and send back for approval. We ship them from on of our 5 facilities across the United States.  

If you are transporting pallets on conveyors then wire pallet surrounds are a great option. They allow you to save money and utilize your existing wood pallets. The alternative would be for you to purchase a collapsible wire container or basket with heavy duty feet and steel runners. Cut your cost by eliminating the heavy duty base and feet of a wire basket. Just use the wire mesh sides!