WWMH Worldwide/ Eastfound Collapsible Wire Baskets & Wire Containers

20″D x 32″W x 22″OAH Junior Wire Basket

32″D x 40″W x 34″OAH Medium Wire Basket

40″D x 48″W x 36″OAH Senior Wire Basket

40″D x 48″W x 42″OAH XL Wire Basket

Custom Size Wire Baskets – Just ask!

Wire Basket Accessories: Dividers, Lids, Casters

In stock, allow est. 5-7 days to ship. Ships best way pre-paid & add. Freight Class 70. FOB: Chicago, IL 60446, Philadelphia, PA 117777, Charlotte, NC 28092, Dallas, TX 75228, Los Angeles, CA 92408 and Seattle, WA 98424

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Eastfound Material Handling is located in Dalian, China and their stackable folding wire baskets and containers are the highest quality baskets on the market. Worldwide Material Handling (WWMH) is part owner of Eastfound and is the only authorized supplier of Eastfound Wire Baskets in the United States. We are proud to say that we are the #1 top distributor of WWMH/ Easfound wire baskets serving all of North America, South America, Europe and the Asian Continent.

We give you access to the largest inventory or wire baskets in the United States stocked in 5 strategic locations around the country designed to save you delivery time and money on freight: Chicago, IL, Allentown, PA, Charlotte, NC, Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA. You can count on us to deliver quality wire baskets on time and on budget.

Please see attached pictures that show the quality of our wire baskets. I would like to discuss with you the differences in quality between our baskets and our competitors baskets. Our quality really makes a big difference in the durability and longevity of your wire baskets. Our wire containers are built to last a very long time. And did I mention that I believe we have lowest prices on wire containers? That’s right, Our goal is to offer you the trifecta: Highest quality, lowest price and excellent customer service.

I just want to make sure when you are shopping for wire baskets your comparing apples to apples. Because all baskets are not made the same. In fact nobody makes a basket as high quality of our baskets. Our baskets come from the largest and most automated wire container factory in the world and they are manufactured to meet Japanese specifications. The Japanese specification call out proper weld penetration, certified quality grades of steel that are used.

What this means is that our wire baskets have higher quality and therefore more durable and will last many years longer than our competitors baskets. Our competitor’s baskets are hand-made (Ours are made by automated welders that ensure consistent quality). The first thousand you receive from competitor may look ok but the remaining 16,000 will  likely be very poor quality.

Ours baskets will likely last for 20-30 years while the competitor’s basket will likely fall apart in 3-6 months. The competitors feet will likely fall off and the base will come apart from the basket – we’ve seen it. If you buy my competitors basket strictly on price I’m afraid you will regret it. (*See pictures of our superior quality. I will send another email with pictures showing competitors poor quality)

Our competitors tack weld their wire container feet. Our feet have consistent full seam welds applied by robot welders. Our baskets have a durable electro-galvanized finish that is done after weld. Competitors basket oxidizes and looks bad. All of our wires are welded. Our competitors have popped welds and weld flak. Our competitor’s baskets are hand-made manual process that offers you inconsistent quality, missing welds, reduced strength and slow lead times.

The fact that our baskets are made by robotic machines we can manufacture them quickly to meet your lead times. The competition will have longer lead times and ship them slow with many delays. I want to make sure you get the baskets when you need them and not have to experience delays. I know it’s important that you get your baskets in a timely manner.