Rigid Wire Baskets with Fork Stirrups | Fork Guides | Fork Straps

48″ x 48″ x 29.5″ overall height / 24″ useable height Rigid Wire Container with Fork Stirrups. New. 2,500 lbs. capacity stackable 5 high. Cap. Cu. Ft.: 31.3. Constructed of 2″ x 2″ x .187 GA. steel angle in corners. 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ x .187 GA. steel angle top rail. 2″ x 2″ x 5 ga. wire mesh sides. Solid Corrugated floor. Heavy duty understructure. Finish: Black Powder Coat finish. (Other colors available). Weight: 202 LBS. Part Number: H600-397-FS-BLK


NOTES: Available in 18 different standard sizes. We specialize in custom sizes – just ask. Est. Lead time: 3-4 weeks. FOB: St. Louis, MO. Ships best way pre-paid and add or customer to provide name of carrier for transit.

Lower Prices for Larger Quantities

If you want to secure a rigid wire basket to the forks of your forklift you should order them with fork stirrups. Why would you do this? Well some forklift drivers feel more secure having the rigid wire containers secured to the forks of the lift truck. Honestly the are not necessary, in fact most people buy rigid wire baskets without fork stirrups. You will find that these baskets rest securely on the forks. But if fork stirrups give your forklift drive peace of mind than they are a great addition. They only cost about $16.00-$20.00 a pair so if they increases confidence they will increase pick speed and productivity which make them well worth the money.


Fork stirrups also known as fork straps are welded to the bottom of the rigid wire bins during production. They are added to either two opposite sides or all four sides. The way to determine if you want them on 2 sides or all 4 sides is to first determine how you handle the basket. If you pick up the basket from 2 opposite sides then add them to two sides only. If you pick up the basket from all fours then by all means add them to all 4 sides of the basket. Fork stirrups are like stirrups on the saddle of a horse. They help the basket ride on the forks of the lift truck.


Rigid wire baskets with fork stirrups do not affect stackablity. You can still stack these baskets up to 5 high which will help you clear up floor space and increase storage density in your warehouse.  When you are lifting and stacking rigid wire baskets 3, 4 or 5 high you will appreciate the comfort in knowing that your baskets have fork stirrups and are securely attached to the forks of your lift truck. Fork stirrups can be spaced to match the fork spacing of your lift but they are typically spaced 24” on center measured from center of fork to center of fork. The fork stirrups are typically added to the long side of the wire basket.