Wire Container with Casters

The quoted price includes folding wire container and 4″ x 2″ Polyurethane Caster Kit Option. New. 3000 LBS. Capacity per set of 4. Caster sets provided as two swivel & two rigid casters. Casters are in a galvanized frame. All casters have a grease fitting. Caster weight: 24 LBS. PN. NDCKPU4EC4-CS.

NOTES: *MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY 2 BASKETS. Price is for basket and set of 4 casters only. Price includes the cost of the basket.  *THIS PRICE REQUIRES CUSTOMER TO INSTALL CASTERS ON SITE. FOR AN ADDITIONAL $25.00 PER BASKET WE CAN INSTALL THEM BUT INSTALL IS ONLY AVAILABLE AT OUR CHICAGO WAREHOUSE.  EST. LEAD TIME: Could Be In stock, allow est. 2-4 weeks to ship. Ships best way pre-paid & add. Freight Class 70.  FOB: Chicago, IL 60446


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Our wire containers have pre-drilled holes in the base that allow you to install heavy duty casters yourselves – or we can install them for you!

We stock collapsible wire containers with casters in St. Louis, MO, Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA, Dallas, TX & San Bernardino, CA. We can provide installation of casters or we can send the wire baskets & caster kit separately for the customer to install on site.

Wire containers with casters allow you to transport the container throughout you manufacturing facility or warehouse without the use of a forklift. Wire baskets with casters can be rolled from work station to work station allowing for easy access to stored goods and products.

You can save money by shipping wire containers with casters unassembled. Wire containers by themselves ship class 70. Wire Containers with casters installed ship class 120. The wire containers have pre-drilled holes that allow you to easily install them on-site with a screw gun.

You won’t find cheap casters on our 4,000 LBS capacity wire containers. We use only high quality, smooth rolling polyurethane casters (two rigid & two swivel with brake)!

F.A.Q. about Wire Containers with Casters:
• Will wire containers stack when they have casters? The answer is yes. You can stack wire containers 4 high with casters. Although we don’t recommend you roll baskets in the stacked position.
• Another question we get asked is will casters reduce the capacity of my wire basket? The answer is no, these are heavy duty casters that are designed to handle the 4,000 LBS load rating.

Advantages of Our Wire Containers with Casters:

  • Caster kit reduces freight cost
  • Caster kit reduced lead time
  • Easy Installation
  • Durable Heavy Duty Design
  • Screw has an adhesive coating locking the screw to the basket
  • Saves time over welding or bolted design
  • 2 swivel (with brake) plus 2 rigid casters per kit


NOTES: *We do NOT recommend that baskets with casters be stacked and rolled. **We can provide them installed or un-installed. We include lock tight screws which you can screw into pre-drilled holes on basket for easy installation.

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20″ d. x 32″ w. x 22″ h. (16″ useable height) Junior Wire Basket with Casters. PN WB-203222-CS, 32″ d. x 40″ w. x 34″ h. (28″ useable height) Medium Wire Basket with Casters. PN WB-324034-CS, 40″ d. x 48″ w. x 36″ h. (30″ useable height) Senior Wire Basket with Casters. PN WB-404836-CS, 40″ d. x 48″ w. x 42″ h. (36″ useable height) Large Wire Basket with Casters. PN WB-404842-CS