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2 Way Steel Runners for Wire Containers

(2)- Steel Runners & Heavy Duty Feet Option. New. Factory installed. Weight: 18 LBS. Part Number: -4048-2WR-HDF increases rigidity and helps to reduce forklift damage to feet of wire basket. Provided in flat stock or steel angle (please specify). Price is for 2 steel runners and heavy duty feet. Doesn’t include wire basket. This option can’t be purchased without adding wire baskets to your order. (*This steel runners option adds 8-10 weeks to lead time of your wire basket.)

NOTES: Est. Lead Time: 8-10 weeks. Ships best way pre-paid & add. Freight Class 50.  FOB: Chicago, IL 60446, Atlanta, GA 30297, Dallas, TX 75228 and Los Angeles, CA 92408

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Wire pallet containers with steel runners increase longevity of each basket by helping reduce damage to feet and increasing rigidity! They also are used to help distribute the weight when baskets are stored in pallet rack. They amortize the weight across the deck and prevent point loading.

Wire containers can be retrofit with 2 way steel runners. Wire Containers with runners that span from foot to foot.  2 way runners offer damage resistance for stacking feet keeping feet from twisting upon contact with forks of a lift truck. 2 way runners also allow you to store containers on pallet racks or decking because the runners distributes the weight across the length of the runner and prevents point loading. Steel runners may also allow you to flow pallets in pallet flow or pushback rack systems.

Wire containers with runners help distribute load weight when containers are stored in rack on decking. Standard wire containers have 4 feet that when come in contact with decking creates a point load. Most pallet rack decking will not support point loads. For a safety precaution we recommend you buy wire containers with runners when storing wire containers in pallet rack. Wire containers with runners help reduce damage to stackable feet. The steel runners add rigidity and help prevent twisting of feet when feet are hit by forks of fork truck.

Wire pallet containers with steel runners will increase the life span of your wire baskets. For the ultimate damage resistance you can add a combination of heavy duty feet and steel runners. Steel runners are offered in two styles: 2 way runner and 4 way runners.

NOTES: Steel runners can be provided in flat stock (for pallet truck access) or steel angle (more rigid) at the same price. Please call out which you prefer. Steel Runners cannot be ordered alone, they must be ordered in conjunction with wire containers. 2-way steel runners can work with standard feet or heavy duty feet. Steel runner option adds 8-10 week lead time to wire container order.