Rigid Wire Baskets | Raw, Unpainted, Unfinished

48″ x 48″ x 23.5″ overall height / 18″ useable height Rigid Wire Container that is Raw/ Unfinished / Unpainted. New. 2,500 lbs. capacity stackable 5 high. Cap. Cu. Ft.: 23.5. Constructed of 2″ x 2″ x .187 GA. steel angle in corners. 1-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ x .187 GA. steel angle top rail. 2″ x 2″ x 5 ga. wire mesh sides. Corrugated steel floor. Heavy duty understructure. Finish: RAW/ UNFINISHED/ Unpainted. Weight: 175 LBS. Part Number: H600-395-RAW 

NOTES: AVAILABLE IN 18 DIFFERENT SIZES. WE SPECIALIZE IN CUSTOM SIZES – JUST ASK. Est. Lead time: 3-4 weeks. FOB: St. Louis, MO. Ships best way pre-paid and add or customer to provide name of carrier for transit.

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Why would someone want an unfinished rigid wire container, without paint? The reason is that although paint does a great job protecting against weather and preventing rust, it will assuredly chip over time and some customers don’t want paint chips contaminating their parts. It’s that simple. Rigid wire basket that are raw, unpainted and unfinished will most certainly rust over time. In fact it won’t take long for them to gather light surface rust but these containers are made of thick steel and it will take a long time before the rust will minimize the strength and durability of the container.


The surface rust that will accumulate on a raw unfinished rigid wire bin will rub off if you frequently load and unload parts into the container. This is why some customers have us paint the outside of the wire container and leave the inside unfinished. Surprisingly many of our customers order rigid wire containers with no paint at all. If the baskets are used indoors and not subject to outdoor conditions the raw wire baskets will of course get less surface rust.


Our unfinished wire baskets have many advantages – including advantages over solid steel containers. They are lighter yet extremely durable with 2,500 LBS capacity. The 2” x 2” x 5 GA wire mesh sides allow air circulation and allow for easy visual identification of stored products which comes in handy for inventory. The wire mesh construction also helps in fire safety as they allow overhead sprinklers better coverage in case of a fire. Stackable 5 high they save space in your warehouse.