Wine Bottles Stored in Wire Baskets
Wine Bottle Storage Wire Baskets

Stackable Wine Bottle Storage Wire Baskets for Vintner & Wineries

40″ d. x 48″ w. x 42″ h. O.D. (36″ useable height) X-Large Galvanized Wine Bottle Storage Wire Basket. New. 4,000 lbs. cap. Collapsible. Stackable 4 high. (1) – Half drop gate on the 48″ side. 2″ x 2″ x 2 ga. mesh base and sides. Heavy duty understructure. (4) – Robotically welded feet. Electro-galvanized after weld finish. Weight: 166 LBS. Part Number; WB-404842

OPTION: 40″ x 48″ Attached Hinged Lid with Helix. New. 2″ x 2″ x 2 GA. wire mesh. Includes wire helix used to attach lid to basket. Electro Galvanized after weld finish.

NOTES: Est. Lead Time: 1-2 weeks (Stock). FOB: Los Angeles, CA 92408, Seattle, WA 98424, Chicago, IL 60446, Watsontown, PA 17777, Charlotte, NC 28092, Dallas, TX 75228,

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Stackable wine bottle galvanized wire baskets hold bottles safely during the all important aging process. Our wine bottle storage baskets are used by some of the most prestigious wineries in the world.

Stackable, collapsible galvanized wire baskets for storing bottles of wine are very popular with Vineyard’s. They can even come with lockable attached lids that can secure the wine.

The open mesh design allows the bottles to breathe during the time they are stored prior to being capped and labeled. The galvanized wire containers store wines at any stage of production without fear of cardboard carton collapse, mold or mildew.

The bright galvanized finish is easily cleaned and helps resist rust. The wine bottle galvanized wire baskets are stackable when full, which fully uses all floor space. When not in use, the wine bottle storage containers fully collapse for storage.

Galvanized wire baskets and wire containers are popular for storing wine bottles. We have many wine makers buy our barrel racks for storing wood wine barrels and wire baskets for storing wine bottles. Wire wine bottle storage containers are a low cost, high density, high efficiency means of storing wine bottles for aging.

Below is a message from one of our customers regarding their experience with wire baskets for the storage of wine bottles:

“We get 450 heavy weight champagne bottles
500 Riesling bottles
825 cider bottles
For Riesling and Bordeaux bottles we need spacers like in the pic.
The bottom hinge messes with even stacking but we make it work.”