Custom Wire Containers

48″ d. x 96″ w. x 48″ h. O.D. (46″ d. x 93″ w. x 42″ h. I.D.) Custom Wire Container. New. 2,000 lbs. cap. Collapsible. Stackable 2 high. (1) – Half drop gate on the 96″ side. 2″ x 2″ x 2 ga. mesh base and sides. Heavy duty understructure. (6) – Robotically welded feet. Electro-galvanized finish. Weight: 381 LBS. Part Number: NDW548964864SS000G NOTE: Requires 10-11 week lead time. Most custom wire containers requires a tooling charge.

*Custom sizes and designs are our specialty! We can manufacture custom containers with a wide variety of features and accessories that will allow it to better fit your needs. Please call us a 800-763-9020 or email to discuss your requirements.

NOTES: WE HAVE A MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY OF 20+ CUSTOM WIRE BASKETS. Custom Wire Containers have and estimated lead time of 18-20 weeks. Custom wire containers also require a tooling charge from $600.00-$1200.00 or more. Ships best way pre-paid & add. Freight Class 70. FOB: Chicago, IL 60446, Allentown, PA 19530, Savannah, GA 31407, Dallas, TX 75228, Los Angeles, CA 92408 and Seattle, WA 98001 (*NOTE: Inquire about possible free delivery on full container load quantities delivered to your dock in est. 8-10 weeks.)

To prove our expertise in manufacturing custom wire containers we manufactured the largest wire container in the world!
Warehouse Rack & Shelf, LLC specializes in manufacturing custom wire containers.We offer low prices on stackable, collapsible folding wire containers offered in custom lengths, widths, heights and capacities. We can manufacture extra wide or extra tall wire containers to meet your requirements. Custom wire containers are our specialty!

Our folding wire containers are all collapsible and stackable 4 high with a 4,000 LBS capacity. We stock folding wire containers in 4 standard sizes: 20x32x22 Junior, 32x40x34 Medium, 40x48x36 Senior and 40x48x42 Extra Large. If you need a folding wire container that is any other size than the standards listed above than you need a custom wire container. If you add an optional accessory that must be added at the factory you need a custom basket.

Our industrial metal baskets are made at a state of the art manufacturing facility with the industry’s most advanced automated welders insuring highest quality welds. Our automated welders insure consistent quality. Quality you can count on. We will send you a free engineered drawing of the custom wire container that we quote. Custom wire containers require an 8-10 week lead time.

The factory requires customer to sign off on approval drawing before manufacturing custom containers!

Custom Container Options & Accessories:
• 2-Way Runners
• 4-Way Runners
• Card Holders
• Label Placards / Engraved Metal Tags
• Attached Lid / Hinged Lockable Lid
• Removable Lid
• Casters
• Custom Colors
• Fork Pockets / Fork Tunnels – By default added to widest sides.
• Fork Stirrups – By default added to widest sides.
• Heavy Duty Feet
• Hot Dipped Galvanized Finish
• Horizontal Dividers / Shelves
• Vertical Dividers

NOTE: Minimum order quantities apply.